题目:Not Just a Bowl of Beef Noodles

1、Aromatic spices, chunks of tender beef braising for hours, swirling strands of egg drops, flour and the buzz of the noodle maker fill the air. These vivid scents and bustling sounds of my parents! beef noodle restaurant simmer warmly in my childhood memories and have influenced me greatly throughout my life.



2、My father was an adventurous entrepreneur who taught me the merits of taking risks. Besides beef noodles, he had also tried to open several other Chinese and Japanese food ventures, some of which did not succeed. His bold speeches during staff meetings also inspired the leader and risk-taker in me. I have been organizing group events and camps since primary school. In middle school, I joined the student council and became a leader. When given the opportunity to leave my hometown to attend one of the most selective IB programs in Shanghai, I naturally jumped at the chance.

我的父亲是一位敢于冒险的企业家,他传授了我爱冒险的品质。除了牛肉面,他还尝试开了其他几家中日食品企业,其中一些以失败告终。他在员工会议上的大胆演讲也激励了我的领导力和冒险家精神。从小学开始,我就一直在组织团体活动和夏令营。中学时,我加入了学生会,成为了一名领导者。当能够离开家乡参加上海一个最具选择性的 IB 课程时,我自然迫不及待地抓住了这个机会。


3、While my father was the stalwart captain of the ship, my mother was the backbone of the operations, quietly taking care of the finances and logistics on board. I learned the importance of managing schedules, keeping meeting memos, and conducting cost analyses from her. When I volunteered to organize our middle school graduation ceremony, the execution skills that she taught me helped me to pull it off successfully. I designed a comprehensive checklist with a detailed event run-down, including the materials we needed to purchase, the shows and performances we needed to rehearse, and instructions for everyone attending the ceremony. In high school, I also ran a charity sales event with relative ease.



4、My parents have run this family business for over fifteen years with minimal complications, that is until COVID-19 hit the world. When all of our restaurants were shut down, all the food that we prepared for the busiest time of the season, Chinese New Year, laid untouched in the freezer, and my parents were to face one of the greatest challenges of their business career.

This crisis has taught me the importance of grit and perseverance and that we are our own best contingency plan. I remember brainstorming with my father on what we could do during the lockdown. Luckily, his past diversification efforts were to pay off soon. When people started ordering takeaway online, his prior experiments with dumplings, pancakes, and sushi rolls, rather than noodles, became our best sellers.



The recovery of the delivery side of our business filled us with encouragement. I spent that spring working alongside my parents every day as we had to let half the staff go. I dealt with demanding customers and impatient deliverymen, while simultaneously calculating the sales and giving feedback to my father so we could adjust our daily supplies. Now, whenever I encounter an impossible task at school, I think about those stressful days working with them in the restaurant. With calloused hands and an iron spirit, we can tackle any problem.



5、I also observed how my mother’s caring nature kept the team and staff together despite the surrounding turmoil. Two years of boarding school have already taught me how to be a supportive member of a community. But after resuming our residential school life, this time without being able to leave campus on the weekends, I became even more involved, volunteering to organize weekend house events, such as dining out and movie nights. I also made time to tutor students in economics from our mentor and mentee program.



6、Like a great bowl of beef noodles, parents are nourishing and comforting, filling us with the benefits of their wisdom and experiences. My leadership spirit, penchant for details, and compassion stem from those precious memories cooked up in their bustling little kitchen. The experience of overcoming business challenges during COVID-19 has only further instilled in me the importance of courage, self-reliance, and community building.

父母就像一大碗牛肉面,用他们的智慧和经验,滋养和安慰着我们。我的领导精神、对细节的追求和同情心都源于在他们忙碌的小厨房里烹制的那些珍贵回忆,而在 COVID-19 期间克服商业挑战的经历进一步向我灌输了勇气、自力更生和社区建设的重要性。








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