剑桥雅思写作7分范文及解析:Test3 提高公共健康的方式


Some people say that the best way to improve public health is by increasing the number of sports facilities. Others, however, say that this would have little effect on public health and that other measures are required. Discuss both views and give your opinion.





这是一道双边讨论的题目,聊的是改善公众健康的方法。双边类的题目,需要对每个观点分别表达同意或反对,最终的结论就是我的立场,可以是中立(双方都同意或都反对),也可以是单边支持某一方立场。审题时要注意两点,一是绝对词“the best way”,一般遇到绝对词我们从反对角度更容易切入。二是题目讨论对象“public health”的范围其实很广,除了运动外,还有很多影响因素,比如生活压力、空气和水资源是否干净、食物卫生等等会产生印影响。下面,月半鸭和大家一起来看下具体观点。









剑9写作7分范文及解析 | Test3 提高公共健康的方式


I strongly believe that the increase of the quantity of sports infrastructures does little with the proliferation of the standard of physical wellbeings, and other schemes are highly recommended for realizing this purpose.

Those myopically suggesting that enlarged number of facilities would contribute to a better outcome of the public health hold misconceptions to the essence of the problem in the first place. They may, on the one hand, simply consider that the lowered standard of the physical situations among today’s citizens is mainly sourced from the lack of daily excercises. Individuals typically take less movements when the increasing private transport, intelligence-based occupations and powerful logistic system are gradually leading to people fostering a lazier living, during which they are no longer forced to make moderate amount of physical activities. More infrastructures, sports centers should be established, ergo, to give them chances in getting access to their daily exercises. Whereas they may neglect the fact that people lack the chances of doing sports simply due to their indolence, or their occupational property which gives them no enough time to fulfill their related needs but not sourced from the limited quantity of exercise locations of tools. Besides, the amount of exercise is also not the solely determing factor influencing the public health. Poor hygiene in the remote places, famine in the desolated areas, pollutions and high level of living pressures in the urban centers, or even smoking habits or the disorder of one’s sleep schedule are all the key elements provoking negative health conditions, which are not supposed to be alleviated solely by developing sports infrastructures in terms of the quantity and coverage.

Therefore, core of public health problems must be seriously considered in a correct way. Policy makers, physicians, together with the related experts should look at the world from a macro perspective, under which the focuses are supposed to be accumulated into solving the aforementioned elements, turning the attention from increasing the sports facilities into matters like how to alleviate the burden of the blighted environment, or how to foster the more regular public living arrangement. Money, which would be to no avail if poured into proliferating the sports-related services, would be valued more when invested for dealing with the polluted rivers, smogged air, as well as the diminishing green areas. Water purification and clean energy development, accompanied by the afforesation in both the cities and alongside farming lands, hence, are definitely more practical for public health improvement. What is more, reasonable quantity of propagandas on the harms of disordered routines in arising awarenesses of the significance of sound living habits also generates greater benefits than solely providing the sports infrastructures, since it concentrates more on the essence of elements plaguing the physical conditions and contributes to the direct positive effects to majority wellbeing.

In conclusion, the nature of the issue on promoting public health should be recognised distinctly through reasoning the elements contributing to this, and solutions available should focus more on the weakening points and rooted factors but not the superficial phenomenons.


Proliferation  激增、增生、扩散

Myopically  缺乏远见、近视的

Misconception  错误概念、误解

Infrastructure  基础设施

Indolence  懒惰、懒散

Hygiene  卫生

Famine  饥荒

Desolate  荒凉的、凄凉

Provoke  激起、引起、引发

Alleviate  减轻、缓和

Solely 单独的、唯一的

afforestation 植树造林、人造林

Be to no avail  无济于事

Purification  净化

Hence  因此、由此

Propaganda  宣传、鼓吹

Superficial  粗略的、肤浅的、表面的







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