Some people think cheap air travel should be encouraged because it gives ordinary people freedom to travel further. However, others think this leads to environmental problem, so air travel should be more expensive in order to discourage people from having it. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.





这是一道双边类大作文,讨论的是是否应该鼓励廉价航空。双边类的题目,需要对每个观点分别表达同意或反对,最终的结论就是我的立场,可以是中立(双方都同意或都反对),也可以是单边支持某一方立场。审题时注意两点,一是讨论对象限定在“cheap air travel”,而非“air travel”,因此要考虑到廉价航空的特性。二是逻辑关系“因为会导致环境问题,所以要涨价阻止人们使用”,论证时需要围绕展开。下面,月半鸭和大家一起来看下具体观点。










Due to falling ticket prices, flying, which was once a luxury only afforded by those with financial resources, is now markedly more accessible to the general public. Despite the fact that certain individuals strongly support the current trend, opponents believe low-cost air travel possesses primarily negative environmental consequences. In addition to comparing and contrasting the central concepts, this essay also offers a personal viewpoint.

Low-cost air travel is gaining popularity in comparison to other forms of transportation, enabling people to travel more frequently and partake in a wider range of travel experiences because it brings down the overall expense of journeys. Even those with an urgent need to travel opted to save money by spending hours on crowded trains when plane tickets were too costly. For those who had never travelled before, this was particularly the case. People can now travel farther and more conveniently than ever before thanks to the lower cost of air travel, which is almost charged the same as a regular train ticket. People will be more likely to travel farther and learn more about the world when prices go down. Through these experiences, they will learn about new cultures, form friendships , and expand their perspectives.

Some people are opposed to the idea of cheap air travel because they are concerned about the environment. It is common knowledge that aeroplanes consume a lot of fossil fuels and emit gases like carbon dioxide and monoxide, which can cause irreversible damage to the ozone layer and the atmosphere. People who normally choose less expensive options or dislike the idea of travelling long distances may be persuaded to travel more frequently in order to take advantage of the opportunity, especially if the price of air travel falls. Because of the comfort and novel activities available on board, people are beginning to enjoy flying more, but they frequently ignore the possibility that their joy will exacerbate global warming and other serious environmental challenges.

In my view, technological advancement will inevitably lead to more accessible air travel, and we should use technology to combat environmental pollution. To mitigate the negative effects of low-cost air travel, relevant departments should prioritise surveys aimed at cleaning up exhaust gases and exploring potential alternatives for highly polluting fossil fuels. The average traveller will only fully appreciate the ability to travel long distances while leaving as little of an impact on the environment as possible.


privilege 特权

dissenter 反对者

intimidating 吓人的

authentic 本土的

fossil fuels燃油

perpetuate 驱动

irreversible 不可逆的

ozone layer 臭氧层

lure 诱惑

overlook 忽视

purify 净化

unavoidable 不可避免的

minimize 最小化




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