今天老师就为大家汇总了 2023-24申请季TOP30综合性大学的补充文书题目

#1 普林斯顿大学Princeton University

Your Voice


Princeton values community and encourages students, faculty, staff and leadership to engage in respectful conversations that can expand their perspectives and challenge their ideas and beliefs. As a prospective member of this community, reflect on how your lived experiences will impact the conversations you will have in the classroom, the dining hall or other campus spaces. What lessons have you learned in life thus far? What will your classmates learn from you? In short, how has your lived experience shaped you? (500 words or fewer)*

普林斯顿大学重视社区,鼓励学生、教职员工和领导层进行相互尊重的对话,以扩展他们的观点并挑战他们的想法和信仰。 作为这个社区的未来成员,请思考你的生活经历将如何影响你在教室、餐厅或其他校园空间中进行的对话。 到目前为止,你在生活中学到了什么? 你的同学会从你身上学到什么? 简而言之,你的生活经历如何塑造了你? (500 字或更少)*

Princeton has a longstanding commitment to understanding our responsibility to society through service and civic engagement. How does your own story intersect with these ideals? (250 words or fewer)*

普林斯顿大学长期致力于通过服务和公民参与来理解我们对社会的责任。 你自己的故事与这些理想有何交叉? (250 字或更少)*

More About You 


Please respond to each question in 50 words or fewer. There are no right or wrong answers. Be yourself!

请用 50 字或更少的字数回答每个问题。 答案没有正确或错误之分。 做你自己!

What is a new skill you would like to learn in college?*


What brings you joy? *

什么给你带来快乐? *

What song represents the soundtrack of your life at this moment?*


Princeton requires you to submit a graded written paper as part of your application. You may submit this material now or any time before the application deadline. If you choose not to upload the required paper at this time, you may mail, e-mail, or upload your paper through the applicant portal. Detailed instructions for our graded paper requirement can be found here.

普林斯顿大学要求你提交一份已评分的书面论文作为申请的一部分。 你可以立即或在申请截止日期之前的任何时间提交此材料。 如果你选择此时不上传所需的论文,你可以通过邮寄、电子邮件或通过申请人门户上传你的论文。 你可以在此处找到有关我们的评分试卷要求的详细说明。

For A.B. Degree Applicants or Those Who are Undecided

文学学士学位或未定专业的申请者作答 (2024 没变)

As a research institution that also prides itself on its liberal arts curriculum, Princeton allows students to explore areas across the humanities and the arts, the natural sciences, and the social sciences. What academic areas most pique your curiosity, and how do the programs offered at Princeton suit your particular interests? (Please respond in about 250 words.)


For B.S.E Degree Applicants


Please describe why you are interested in studying engineering at Princeton. Include any of your experiences in, or exposure to engineering, and how you think the programs offered at the University suit your particular interests. (Please respond in about 250 words.)


#2 麻省理工学院MIT

For the 2023–2024 application, we’re asking these short answer essay questions:

对于 2023-2024 年申请,我们会提出以下简答论文问题:

1. How has the world you come from—including your opportunities, experiences, and challenges—shaped your dreams and aspirations?


2. We know you lead a busy life, full of activities, many of which are required of you. Tell us about something you do simply for the pleasure of it. (200–250 words)


3. How has the world you come from—including your opportunities, experiences, and challenges—shaped your dreams and aspirations?


4. MIT brings people with diverse backgrounds together to collaborate, from tackling the world’s biggest challenges to lending a helping hand. Describe one way you have collaborated with others to learn from them, with them, or contribute to your community together.

麻省理工学院将具有不同背景的人们聚集在一起进行合作,从解决世界上最大的挑战到伸出援助之手。 描述你与他人合作的一种方式,向他们学习,与他们一起,或共同为你的社区做出贡献。

5. How did you manage a situation or challenge that you didn’t expect? What did you learn from it?

你是如何应对意想不到的情况或挑战的? 你从中学到了什么?

Depending on the question, we’re looking for responses of approximately 100–200 words each. There is also one final, open-ended, additional-information text box where you can tell us anything else you think we really ought to know.

根据问题的不同,我们寻求每个答案大约 100-200个单词。 最后还有一个开放式的附加信息文本框,你可以在其中告诉我们,你认为我们真正应该知道的任何其他信息。

#3 哈佛大学Harvard University

For All Applicants


1. Harvard has long recognized the importance of enrolling a diverse student body. How will the life experiences that shape who you are today enable you to contribute to Harvard?*哈佛很早就认识到招收多元化学生群体的重要性。 塑造今天的你的生活经历将如何帮助你为哈佛做出贡献?(200字以内)

2. Briefly describe an intellectual experience that was important to you.*(Max:200)


3. Briefly describe any of your extracurricular activities, employment experience, travel, or family responsibilities that have shaped who you are.*(Max:200)


4. How do you hope to use your Harvard education in the future?*(Max:200)


5. Top 3 things your roommates might like to know about you.*(Max:200)

你的室友可能最想了解你的 3 件事 (200字以内)

For Students Applying from Schools outside the US and Canada


What specific plan do you have, if any, for using the education you hope to receive?


#3 耶鲁大学Yale University

For Applicants submitting the Coalition Application or Common Application


Academic Interests


1. Tell us about a topic or idea that excites you and is related to one or more academic areas you selected above. Why are you drawn to it?  (200 words or fewer)

告诉我们一个令你兴奋并且与你在上面选择的一个或多个学术领域相关的主题或想法。 为什么你会被它吸引? (200 字以内)

2. What is it about Yale that has led you to apply? (125 words or fewer)

耶鲁大学的哪些因素促使你提出申请? (125 个字或更少)

Short Takes


Please respond in no more than 200 characters (approximately 35 words or fewer), to each of the following questions:

请用不超过 200 个字符(大约 35 个单词或更少)回答以下每个问题:

1.What inspires you?


2.If you could teach any college course, write a book, or create an original piece of art of any kind, what would it be?


3.Other than a family member, who is someone who has had a significant influence on you? What has been the impact of their influence?


4.What is something about you that is not included anywhere else in your application?*


Yale Essays耶鲁论文

Please respond to one of the following prompts in 400 words or fewer. Please indicate the number of the prompt you choose.

请用 400 字或更少的字数回答以下题目之一。 请注明你选择的题目的编号。

1.Reflect on a time you discussed an issue important to you with someone holding an opposing view. Why did you find the experience meaningful?

回想一下你与持相反观点的人讨论对你来说很重要的问题的一次经历。 为什么你觉得这次经历很有意义?

2.Reflect on your membership in a community to which you feel connected. Why is this community meaningful to you? You may define community however you like.

反思一下你在一个与你有联系的社区中的成员身份。 为什么这个社区对你有意义? 你可以随心所欲地定义社区。

3.Reflect on an element of your personal experience that you feel will enrich your college. How has it shaped you?

反思你个人经历中的一个你认为会丰富你的大学经历的元素。 它如何塑造了你?

#3 斯坦福大学Stanford University

CA-Short questions (limit 50 words each)   


1. What is the most significant challenge that society faces today?


2. How did you spend your last two summers?


3. What historical moment or event do you wish you could have witnessed?


4. Briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities, a job you hold, or responsibilities you have for your family.


5. List five things that are important to you.


CA-Short Essays (100-250 words)


1. The Stanford community is deeply curious and driven to learn in and out of the classroom. Reflect on an idea or experience that makes you genuinely excited about learning.


2. Virtually all of Stanford's undergraduates live on campus. Write a note to your future roommate that reveals something about you or that will help your roommate—and us—get to know you better.


3. Please describe what aspects of your life experiences, interests and character would help you make a distinctive contribution as an undergraduate to Stanford University.


#6 芝加哥大学University of Chicago

Question 1 (Required)


How does the University of Chicago, as you know it now, satisfy your desire for a particular kind of learning, community, and future? Please address with some specificity your own wishes and how they relate to UChicago.


The questions on this page are being asked by University of Chicago

Choose one of the seven extended essay options and upload a one- or two-page response. Please include the prompt at the top of the page.


1. Exponents and square roots, pencils and erasers, beta decay and electron capture. Name two things that undo each other and explain why both are necessary.

—Inspired by Emmett Cho, Class of 2027

指数和平方根、铅笔和橡皮、β 衰变和电子捕获。 说出两件相互抵消的事情并解释为什么两者都是必要的。

——灵感来自 Emmett Cho,2027届

2. “Where have all the flowers gone?” – Pete Seeger. Pick a question from a song title or lyric and give it your best answer.

—Inspired by Ryan Murphy, AB'21

“花都去哪儿了?” ——皮特·西格。 从歌曲标题或歌词中选择一个问题,并给出最佳答案。

— 灵感来自 Ryan Murphy,AB'21

3. “Vlog,” “Labradoodle,” and “Fauxmage.” Language is filled with portmanteaus. Create a new portmanteau and explain why those two things are a “patch” (perfect match).

—Inspired by Garrett Chalfin, Class of 2027

语言充满了混合词。 创建一个新的组合并解释为什么这两件事是一个“补丁”(完美匹配)。

——灵感来自 2027 届Garrett Chalfin

4. A jellyfish is not a fish. Cat burglars don’t burgle cats. Rhode Island is not an island. Write an essay about some other misnomer, and either come up with and defend a new name for it or explain why its inaccurate name should be kept.

—Inspired by Sonia Chang, Class of 2025, and Mirabella Blair, Class of 2027

水母不是鱼。 猫贼不会偷窃猫。 罗德岛不是一个岛。 写一篇关于其他用词不当的文章,要么为其想出一个新名称并为其辩护,要么解释为什么应保留其不准确的名称。

——灵感来自 2025 届Sonia Chang 和 2027 届Mirabella Blair

5. Despite their origins in the Gupta Empire of India or Ancient Egypt, games like chess or bowling remain widely enjoyed today. What modern game do you believe will withstand the test of time, and why?

—Inspired by Adam Heiba, Class of 2027

尽管国际象棋或保龄球等游戏起源于印度笈多帝国或古埃及,但它们至今仍广受人们喜爱。 你认为哪种现代游戏能够经受住时间的考验,为什么?

——灵感来自 Adam Heiba,2027 届

6. There are unwritten rules that everyone follows or has heard at least once in their life. But of course, some rules should be broken or updated. What is an unwritten rule that you wish didn’t exist? (Our custom is to have five new prompts each year, but this year we decided to break with tradition. Enjoy!)

—Inspired by Maryam Abdella, Class of 2026

有一些不成文的规则,每个人一生中都会遵守或至少听过一次。 但当然,有些规则应该被打破或更新。 你希望不存在的不成文规则是什么? (我们的习惯是每年有五个新题目,但今年我们决定打破传统。享受吧!)

——灵感来自 2026 届Maryam Abdella

7. And, as always… the classic choose your own adventure option! In the spirit of adventurous inquiry, choose one of our past prompts (or create a question of your own). Be original, creative, thought provoking. Draw on your best qualities as a writer, thinker, visionary, social critic, sage, citizen of the world, or future citizen of the University of Chicago; take a little risk, and have fun!*

并且,一如既往……经典选项!选择你自己的冒险选项! 本着冒险探究的精神,选择我们过去的题目之一(或创建一个你自己的问题)。 具有原创性、创造性、发人深省。 发挥你作为作家、思想家、梦想家、社会批评家、圣人、世界公民或芝加哥大学未来公民的最佳品质; 承担一点风险,享受乐趣!

#7 宾夕法尼亚大学University of Pennsylvania

For All Applicants


1.Write a short thank-you note to someone you have not yet thanked and would like to acknowledge. (We encourage you to share this note with that person, if possible, and reflect on the experience!) (150-200 words)


2.How will you explore community at Penn? Consider how Penn will help shape your perspective and identity, and how your identity and perspective will help shape Penn. (150-200 words)


Undergraduate School Academic Short Answer Prompts


The Roy and Diana Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research (VIPER)

Roy 和 Diana Vagelos 能源研究综合计划 (VIPER)

VIPER Prompt: How do you envision your participation in the Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research (VIPER) furthering your interests in energy science and technology? Please include any past experiences (ex. academic, research, or extracurricular) that have led to your interest in the program. Additionally, please indicate why you are interested in pursuing dual degrees in science and engineering and which VIPER majors are most interesting to you at this time.  (400-650 words)

VIPER 题目:你如何看待参与 Vagelos 能源研究综合计划 (VIPER) 来进一步加深你对能源科学和技术的兴趣? 请包括任何引起你对该项目感兴趣的过去经历(例如学术、研究或课外活动)。 此外,请说明你为何有兴趣攻读科学与工程双学位,以及你目前对哪些 VIPER 专业最感兴趣。 (400-650字)

The College of Arts and Sciences


The flexible structure of The College of Arts and Sciences’ curriculum is designed to inspire exploration, foster connections, and help you create a path of study through general education courses and a major. What are you curious about and how would you take advantage of opportunities in the arts and sciences? (150-200 words)

文理学院灵活的课程结构旨在激发探索、培养联系,并帮助你通过通识教育课程和专业创建一条学习路径。 你对什么感到好奇?你将如何利用文理领域的机会? (150-200字)

To help inform your response, applicants are encouraged to learn more about academic offerings within the College of Arts and Sciences at college.upenn.edu/prospective. This information will help you develop a stronger understanding of how the study of the liberal arts aligns with your own goals and aspirations.

为了帮助你做出答复,我们鼓励申请人访问 College.upenn.edu/prospective 了解更多有关文理学院学术课程的信息。 这些信息将帮助你更深入地了解文科学习如何与你自己的目标和愿望保持一致。

School of Nursing 


Penn Nursing intends to meet the health needs of society in a global and multicultural world by preparing its students to impact healthcare by advancing science and promoting equity. What do you think this means for the future of nursing, and how do you see yourself contributing to our mission of promoting equity in healthcare? (150-200 words)

To help inform your response, applicants are encouraged to learn more about Penn Nursing’s mission and how we promote equity in healthcare. This information will help you develop a stronger understanding of our values and how they align with your own goals and aspirations.



The Wharton School 


Wharton prepares its students to make an impact by applying business methods and economic theory to real-world problems, including economic, political, and social issues.  Please reflect on a current issue of importance to you and share how you hope a Wharton education would help you to explore it.  (150-200 words)

To help inform your response, applicants are encouraged to learn more about the foundations of a Wharton education. This information will help you better understand what you could learn by studying at Wharton and what you could do afterward.

沃顿商学院培养学生将商业方法和经济理论应用于实际问题,包括经济、政治和社会问题,从而产生影响。 请思考当前对你具有重要意义的问题,并分享你希望沃顿商学院的教育将如何帮助你探索这些问题。  (150-200字)


School of Engineering and Applied Science


Penn Engineering prepares its students to become leaders in technology, by combining a strong foundation in the natural sciences and mathematics, exploration in the liberal arts, and depth of study in focused disciplinary majors. Please share how you hope to explore your engineering interests at Penn. (150-200 words)

To help inform your response, applicants are encouraged to learn more about Penn Engineering and its mission to prepare students for global leadership in technology. This information will help you develop a stronger understanding of academic pathways within Penn Engineering and how they align with your goals and interests.



Bio-Dent Prompt


1.Please list pre-dental or pre-medical experience. This experience can include but is not limited to observation in a private practice, dental clinic, or hospital setting; dental assisting; dental laboratory work; dental or medical research, etc. Please include time allotted to each activity, dates of attendance, location, and description of your experience. If you do not have any predental or premedical experience, please indicate what you have done that led you to your decision to enter dentistry.


2.List any activities which demonstrate your ability to work with your hands.


3.What activities have you performed that demonstrate your ability to work cooperatively with people?


4.Please explain your reasons for selecting a career in dentistry. Please include what interests you the most in dentistry as well as what interests you the least.


5.Do you have relatives who are dentists or are in dental school? If so, indicate the name of each relative, his/her relationship to you, the school attended, and the dates attended.


DMD Prompt


Why are you interested in the Digital Media Design (DMD) program at the University of Pennsylvania? (400-650 words)


Huntsman Prompt


The Huntsman Program supports the development of globally-minded scholars who become engaged citizens, creative innovators, and ethical leaders in the public, private, and non-profit sectors in the United States and internationally. What draws you to a dual-degree in business and international studies, and how would you use what you learn to make a contribution to a global issue where business and international affairs intersect? (400-650 words)


LSM Prompt


The LSM program aims to provide students with a fundamental understanding of the life sciences and their management with an eye to identifying, advancing and implementing innovations. What issues would you want to address using the understanding gained from such a program? Note that this essay should be distinct from your single degree essay.


M&T Prompt


1.Explain how you will use the M&T program to explore your interest in business, engineering, and the intersection of the two.


2.Describe a problem that you solved that showed leadership and creativity.


NETS Prompt


Describe your interests in modern networked information systems and technologies, such as the Internet, and their impact on society, whether in terms of economics, communication, or the creation of beneficial content for society. Feel free to draw on examples from your own experiences as a user, developer, or student of technology. (400-650 words)


NHCM Prompt


Discuss your interest in nursing and health care management. How might Penn's coordinated dual-degree program in nursing and business help you meet your goals?


VIPER Prompt


How do you envision your participation in the Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research (VIPER) furthering your interests in energy science and technology? Please include any past experiences (ex. academic, research, or extracurricular) that have led to your interest in the program. Additionally, please indicate why you are interested in pursuing dual degrees in science and engineering and which VIPER majors are most interesting to you at this time.


#7 约翰霍普金斯大学

Johns Hopkins University

Tell us about an aspect of your identity (e.g. race, gender, sexuality, religion, community, etc.) or a life experience that has shaped you as an individual and how that influenced what you’d like to pursue in college at Hopkins.? (This can be a future goal or experience that is either academic, extracurricular, or social).  300 word limit.

告诉我们你的身份的某个方面(例如种族、性别、性取向、宗教、社区等)或塑造你个人的生活经历,以及这些经历如何影响你在霍普金斯大学追求的大学目标 ? (可以是学术、课外或社交方面的未来目标或经历;300 字限制)

#9 加州理工学院


Required Academic Question


1. If you had to choose an area of interest or two today, what would you choose? Why did you choose that area of interest? (Max: 200 words)


Required Short Answer Questions


1. At Caltech, we investigate some of the most challenging, fundamental problems in science, technology,  engineering, and mathematics. Identify and describe two STEM-related experiences from your high school years, either in or out of the classroom, and tell us how and why they activated your curiosity. What about them made you want to learn more and explore further? (Min: 100/Max: 200 words for each experience)


2. The creativity, inventiveness, and innovation of Caltech's students, faculty, and researchers have won Nobel Prizes and put rovers on Mars. But Techers also imagine smaller scale innovations every day, from new ways to design solar cells to how to 3D print dorm decor. How have you been a creator, inventor, or innovator in your own life?

加州理工学院的学生、教师和研究人员的创造力、发明性和创新性赢得了诺贝尔奖,并将火星车送上火星。 但技术人员每天也想象着更小规模的创新,从设计太阳能电池的新方法到如何 3D 打印宿舍装饰。 在你的生活中,你是如何成为一名创造者、发明家或创新者的?

3. Caltech's mission – to cultivate learning, discovery, and innovation for the benefit of humanity – relies on its community members embracing our Mission-Based Values, which include:



● Openness and enthusiasm for having preconceptions challenged.


● Respect and appreciation for the idea that, while we are all members of the same community, the opportunities we've had to develop, showcase, and apply our talents have not been equal.



● Passion for the ideal that science can and should meaningfully improve the lives of others.


Share what one or more of these values evokes for you.


Optional short answer qustions


1. If there are aspects of your life or social or personal identity that you feel are not captured elsewhere in this application, please tell us about them below.


2. When not surveying the stars, peering through microscopes, or running through marathons of coding, Caltech students pursue an eclectic array of interests that range from speed-cubing to participating in varsity athletics to reading romance novels. What is a favorite interest or hobby, and why does it bring you joy?

当不观察星星、通过显微镜观察或进行马拉松式编程时,加州理工学院的学生会追求各种各样的兴趣,从速度魔方到参加大学体育运动,再到阅读言情小说。 最喜欢的兴趣或爱好是什么?为什么它会给你带来快乐?

3. Did you have a hard time narrowing it down to just one interest or hobby? We understand – Caltech students like to stay busy, too – tell us about another hobby or interest!

你是否很难将其范围缩小到仅一项兴趣或爱好? 我们理解 – 加州理工学院的学生也喜欢保持忙碌 – 告诉我们另一个爱好或兴趣!

#10 西北大学

Northwestern University

We have designed these writing supplements to help us understand your experiences in high school and imagine what kind of Northwestern student you may become. The supplemental questions below touch on areas we see as important for building Northwestern’s Class of 2028, but you should feel free to repurpose essays you've written for other applications (including the Common Application personal essay, which we no longer require) if they tell the story you'd most like to share.

我们设计这些写作补充材料是为了帮助我们了解你在高中的经历,并想象你可能成为什么样的西北学生。下面的补充问题涉及我们认为对建设西北大学 2028 届学生来说很重要的领域,但你可以选择重新调整你为其他申请而写的论文(包括Common App主文书,我们不硬性要求) 或你最想分享的故事。

We also know there may be information or qualities not covered in our supplemental questions that you see as important to your application. To that end, we welcome-but by no means expect-your submission of a personal essay or additional information in the Common Application.

我们还知道,我们的补充问题中可能未涵盖你认为对你的申请很重要的某些信息或品质。 为此,我们欢迎(但绝不期望)你提交Common App主文书或填写附加信息。

The following question is required for all applicants. Please respond in 300 words or fewer:

所有申请人都需要回答以下问题。 请在300 字以内回复:

We want to be sure we’re considering your application in the context of your personal experiences: What aspects of your background, your identity, or your school, community, and/or household settings have most shaped how you see yourself engaging in Northwestern’s community, be it academically, extracurricularly, culturally, politically, socially, or otherwise? (fewer than 300 words)

我们希望确保我们根据你的个人经历来考虑你的申请:你的背景、你的身份或你的学校、社区和/或家庭环境的哪些方面最能影响你如何看待自己参与西北大学的社区 ,无论是学术上、课外、文化上、政治上、社会上还是其他方面?(少于300字)

The following questions are optional, but we encourage you to answer at least one and no more than two. Please respond in fewer than 200 words per question:

以下问题是可选的,但我们鼓励你至少回答一个且不超过两个。 每个问题请用 200 字以内的字数回答:

1.Painting “The Rock” is a tradition at Northwestern that invites all forms of expression—students promote campus events or extracurricular groups, support social or activist causes, show their Wildcat spirit (what we call “Purple Pride”), celebrate their culture, and more. What would you paint on The Rock, and why?

绘画“岩石”是西北大学的一项传统,邀请各种形式的表达——学生宣传校园活动或课外团体、支持社会或活动事业、展示他们的野猫精神(我们称之为“紫色骄傲”)、庆祝他们的文化 , 和更多。 你会在岩石上画什么,为什么?

2.Northwestern fosters a distinctively interdisciplinary culture. We believe discovery and innovation thrive at the intersection of diverse ideas, perspectives, and academic interests. Within this setting, if you could dream up an undergraduate class, research project, or creative effort (a start-up, a design prototype, a performance, etc.), what would it be? Who might be some ideal classmates or collaborators?

西北大学培育了独特的跨学科文化。 我们相信,发现和创新在不同想法、观点和学术兴趣的交汇处蓬勃发展。 在这种背景下,如果你可以设想一个本科课程、研究项目或创造性工作(初创企业、设计原型、表演等),它会是什么? 谁可能是理想的同学或合作者?

3.Community and belonging matter at Northwestern. Tell us about one or more communities, networks, or student groups you see yourself connecting with on campus.

西北大学的社区和归属感很重要。 告诉我们你在校园中发现的一个或多个社区、网络或学生团体。

4.Northwestern’s location is special: on the shore of Lake Michigan, steps from downtown Evanston, just a few miles from Chicago. What aspects of our location are most compelling to you, and why?西北大学的地理位置很特殊:位于密歇根湖畔,距离埃文斯顿市中心仅几步之遥,距离芝加哥仅几英里。 我们所在地的哪些方面最吸引你,为什么?

5.Northwestern is a place where people with diverse backgrounds from all over the world can study, live, and talk with one another. This range of experiences and viewpoints immeasurably enriches learning. How might your individual background contribute to this diversity of perspectives in Northwestern’s classrooms and around our campus?

西北大学是来自世界各地不同背景的人们可以相互学习、生活和交谈的地方。 这些经验和观点极大地丰富了学习。 你的个人背景如何为西北大学的课堂和校园周围的观点多样性做出贡献?

#10 杜克大学

Duke University



What is your sense of Duke as a university and a community, and why do you consider it a good match for you? If there’s something in particular about our offerings that attracts you, feel free to share that as well. (250 word limit)




We want to emphasize that the following questions are optional. Feel free to answer them if you believe that doing so will add something meaningful that is not already shared elsewhere in your application.  Five optional questions are available - a maximum of 2 can be selected.

以下问题是可选的。 如果你认为这样做会添加一些在你的申请中尚未共享的有意义的内容,可以选择回答。有5个可选问题,最多可选择2个。

1.Perspective response


We believe a wide range of personal perspectives, beliefs, and lived experiences are essential to making Duke a vibrant and meaningful living and learning community. Feel free to share with us anything in this context that might help us better understand you and what you might bring to our community.

我们相信,广泛的个人观点、信仰和生活经历对于使杜克大学成为一个充满活力和有意义的生活和学习社区至关重要。 请随时与我们分享任何可能有助于我们更好地了解你以及你可能为我们的社区带来什么的信息。

2.Intellectual experience


Tell us about an intellectual experience in the past two years that you found absolutely fascinating.


3.Beliefs & values


We believe there is benefit in sharing and sometimes questioning our beliefs or values; who do you agree with on the big important things, or who do you have your most interesting disagreements with? What are you agreeing or disagreeing about?

我们相信分享并有时质疑我们的信仰或价值观是有好处的; 在重大事情上你与谁意见一致,或者你与谁有最有趣的分歧? 你同意或不同意什么?

4.Being different


We recognize that “fitting in” in all the contexts we live in can sometimes be difficult. Duke values all kinds of differences and believes they make our community better. Feel free to tell us any ways in which you’re different, and how that has affected you or what it means to you.

我们认识到,“融入”我们所生活的所有环境有时可能很困难。 杜克大学重视各种差异,并相信它们会让我们的社区变得更好。 请告诉我们你有何不同之处,以及这对你有何影响或对你意味着什么。

5.Orientation, identity, expression


Duke’s commitment to inclusion and belonging includes sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Feel free to share with us more about how your identity in this context has meaning for you as an individual or as a member of a community.

杜克大学对包容性和归属感的承诺包括性取向、性别认同和性别表达。 请随时与我们分享更多有关你的身份在这种情况下对你作为个人或社区成员有何意义的信息。

Duke Kunshan University


Why do you think Duke Kunshan University is a good match for you? And what special qualities do you feel you could bring to Duke Kunshan University?


Considering taking a gap year


Please describe your gap year plans as you currently are considering them. You are not making a commitment to these plans.


#12 达特茅斯学院

Dartmouth College

Respond in 100 words or fewer


Dartmouth celebrates the ways in which its profound sense of place informs its profound sense of purpose. As you seek admission to Dartmouth's Class of 2028, what aspects of the College's academic program, community, or campus environment attract your interest? In short, Why Dartmouth? Please respond in 100 words or fewer.


Please respond in 200-250 words


Required of all applicants, please respond to one of the following prompts in 250 words or fewer:

所有申请人都需要以 250 字或更少的字数回答以下题目之一

1.There is a Quaker saying: Let your life speak. Describe the environment in which you were raised and the impact it has had on the person you are today.

贵格会有一句格言:让你的生活说话。 描述一下你成长的环境以及它对今天的你的影响。

2.“Be yourself,” Oscar Wilde advised. “Everyone else is taken.” Introduce yourself.


Choose one of the following prompts and respond in 200-250 words


1.Labor leader and civil rights activist Dolores Huerta recommended a life of purpose. "We must use our lives to make the world a better place to live, not just to acquire things," she said. "That is what we are put on the earth for." In what ways do you hope to make—or are you making—an impact?


2.What excites you?


3.Celebrate your nerdy side.


4.Dr. Seuss, aka Theodor Geisel of Dartmouth's Class of 1925, wrote, "Think and wonder. Wonder and think." What do you wonder and think about?

苏斯博士(也就是1925年从达特茅斯学院毕业的西奥多·盖塞尔)写道:“Think and Wonder. Wonder and Think.”你在思考什么?

5.“It’s not easy being green···”was the frequent refrain of Kermit the Forg.How has difference been a part of your life, and how have you embraced it as part of your identity and outlook?

“绿色环保并不容易……”是克米特·福格 (Kermit the Forg) 经常挂在嘴边的一句话。差异如何成为你生活的一部分,你是如何将它作为你的身份和观点的一部分?

6.As noted in the College’s mission statement,“Dartmouth educates the most promising students and prepares them for a lifetime of learning and of responsible leadership···”Promise and potential are important aspects of the assessment of any college application, but they can elusive qualities to capture.Highlight your potential and promise for us;What would you like us to know about you?


#13 布朗大学

Brown University

For First Year Applicants


1.Brown’s Open Curriculum allows students to explore broadly while also diving deeply into their academic pursuits. Tell us about any academic interests that excite you, and how you might use the Open Curriculum to pursue them while also embracing topics with which you are unfamiliar. (200-250 words)


2.Students entering Brown often find that making their home on College Hill naturally invites reflection on where they came from. Share how an aspect of your growing up has inspired or challenged you, and what unique contributions this might allow you to make to the Brown community. (200-250 words)*

进入布朗大学的学生经常发现,在“大学山”安家自然会引发人们反思自己的出身。 分享你成长过程中的某个方面如何激励或挑战你,以及这可能让你为布朗社区做出什么独特的贡献。 (200-250字)

3.Brown students care deeply about their work and the world around them. Students find contentment, satisfaction, and meaning in daily interactions and major discoveries. Whether big or small, mundane or spectacular, tell us about something that brings you joy. (200-250 words)

布朗大学的学生非常关心他们所做的事情和周围的世界。无论是在日常互动还是重大发现中,学生都能找到满足感和人生的意义。无论是大的还是小的,普通的还是不凡的,告诉我们一些能带给你快乐的事情。(200 - 250字)

Help us get to know you better by reflecting briefly on each of the questions below. We expect that answers will range from a few words to a few sentences at most.

简要思考以下每个问题,帮助我们更好地了解你。 我们期望答案的范围从几个词到最多几句话。

1.What three words best describe you? (3 words)

哪三个词最能描述你? (3个字)

2.What is your most meaningful extracurricular commitment, and what would you like us to know about it? (100 words)

你最有意义的课外活动是什么?你希望我们了解哪些内容? (100字)

3.If you could teach a class on any one thing, whether academic or otherwise, what would it be? (100 words)*In one sentence, Why Brown? (50 words)

如果你可以教授一门关于任何一件事的课程,无论是学术上的还是其他方面的,你会选择什么? (100字) 用一句话说出,为什么选择布朗? (50字)

For PLME (Program in Liberal Medical Education) Applicants


1.Committing to a future career as a physician while in high school requires careful consideration and self-reflection. What values and experiences have led you to believe that becoming a doctor in medicine is the right fit for you?


2.Healthcare is constantly changing as it is affected by racial and social inequities, economics, politics, technology, and more. Imagine that you are a physician and describe one way in which you would seek to make a positive impact in today’s healthcare environment. (250 word limit)

医疗保健不断变化,因为它受到种族和社会不平等、经济、政治、技术等的影响。 想象一下,你是一名医生,并描述你寻求在当今的医疗保健环境中产生积极影响的一种方式。 (250字限制)

3.How do you envision the Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME) helping you to meet your academic personal and professional goals as a person and as a physician of the future? (500 word limit)


For Brown-RISD Dual Degree Applicants


Based on your understanding of the academic programs at Brown and RISD and the possibilities created by the BRDD program's broadened learning community, specifically describe how and why the BRDD program would constitute an optimal undergraduate education for you. As part of your answer, be sure to articulate how you might contribute to the Dual Degree community and its commitment to interdisciplinary work. (650 word limit)


#13 范德堡大学

Vanderbilt University

Please select one of the following short answer prompts:


1.Vanderbilt offers a community where students find balance between their academic and social experiences. Please briefly elaborate on how one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences has influenced you.


2.Vanderbilt University values learning through contrasting points of view. We understand that our differences, and our respect for alternative views and voices, are our greatest source of strength. Please reflect on conversations you’ve had with people who have expressed viewpoints different from your own. How did these conversations/experiences influence you?


#15 圣路易斯华盛顿大学

Washington University in St. Louis

For all applicants


If you prefer, you may focus your optional 90-second video submitted through the WashU Pathway on addressing one of these three questions. (Students who choose to submit a written response to one of these questions may still opt in to sharing an optional video).

如果你愿意,你可以通过 WashU Pathway 提交可选的 90 秒视频,回答以下三个问题之一。 (选择对其中一个问题提交书面答复的学生仍可以选择分享可选视频)。

1.Discuss a fresh perspective or opinion you brought to a collaborative setting or project.


2.Describe a community you are a part of and your place within it.


3.Tell us how your life experiences have impacted the way you view or interact with your community.


Beyond Boundaries Program


Answer the Beyond Boundaries short answer question (250 words maximum):

回答无界项目简答题(最多 250 字):

The Beyond Boundaries Program equips students with a set of tools to critically understand and make a difference in a complicated world where challenges require diverse perspectives and skill sets. What is the big societal issue you would like to tackle? Who would you need on your team? What would you contribute to the team?

无界项目为学生提供了一套工具,帮助他们批判性地理解复杂的世界并在其中发挥作用,其中的挑战需要不同的观点和技能。 你想解决的重大社会问题是什么? 你的团队需要谁? 你会为团队做出什么贡献?

Joint Program in Business and Computer Science


Answer the Joint Program in Business and Computer Science short answer question (200 words maximum):

回答商业和计算机科学联合项目简答题(最多 200 字):

Students in the Joint Program in Business and Computer Science will be equipped with the fundamental knowledge and perspectives of computer science and business and will have unique opportunities to converge these two disciplines. This is a distinctive degree program that captures the intersection of business and computer science and the growing demand for people with this special and sought-after skillset. Graduates of the program will able to pursue careers in technology, data analytics, finance, consulting and business development, to name a few. Tell us how you would use this combined degree to explore the intersection of these two disciplines?

商业和计算机科学联合项目的学生将具备计算机科学和商业的基础知识和观点,并将有独特的机会融合这两个学科。 这是一个独特的学位课程,它抓住了商业和计算机科学的交叉点,以及对具有这种特殊和抢手技能的人才不断增长的需求。 该项目的毕业生将能够在技术、数据分析、金融、咨询和业务开发等领域从事职业。 告诉我们你将如何利用这个联合学位来探索这两个学科的交叉点?

Danforth Scholars Program


1.Write a short essay (maximum 250 words) on the following topic:

就以下主题写一篇短文(最多 250 字):

Chancellor Danforth and Mrs. Danforth deeply cared about building trust within the community and being of service to others. As servant leaders, they demonstrated a true passion and commitment to enhancing the experiences of students, staff, and faculty. In the words of Dr. Danforth, “The achievement of understanding, mutual trust, and appreciation is not only an end in itself, but it is also the prerequisite for major progress” How have you demonstrated your commitment to servant leadership and improving community? Please provide 1-2 specific examples.

丹福斯校长和丹福斯夫人非常关心在社区内建立信任和为他人服务。 作为仆人式领导,他们表现出了对增强学生、教职员工和教师体验的真正热情和承诺。 用丹福斯博士的话来说,“实现理解、相互信任和欣赏不仅是目的本身,也是取得重大进展的先决条件。”你如何表现出对仆人式领导和改善社区的承诺? 请提供1-2个具体例子。

2.Write a short essay (maximum 200 words) on the following topic:


Our lived experiences shape our worldly perspectives. As a community, we aim to learn from one another through attentive listening and meaningful dialogue. How will your lived experiences impact the Danforth Scholars Program?

我们的生活经历塑造了我们的世俗观点。 作为一个社区,我们的目标是通过认真倾听和有意义的对话相互学习。 你的生活经历将如何影响丹福斯学者计划?

Ervin Scholars Program



1.Write a short essay (maximum 250 words) on the following topic:


Dr. John B. Ervin was a nationally renowned black educator and the first African American Dean at Washington University in St. Louis. The Ervin Scholars Program was founded on and continues to live out his legacy and the legacy that scholars have built over 35 years. Reflecting on his biography and the history and legacy of the Ervin Scholars Program, how have you taken action to champion diversity in your own life? Please provide 1-2 specific examples.

约翰·B·欧文博士是全国知名的黑人教育家,也是圣路易斯华盛顿大学第一位非裔美国人校长。 欧文学者计划建立在他的遗产以及学者们 35 年来所建立的遗产之上,并将继续发扬光大。 回顾他的传记以及欧文学者计划的历史和遗产,你如何采取行动来倡导自己生活中的多样性? 请提供1-2个具体例子。

2.Write a short essay (maximum 200 words) to the following question:


Our lived experiences shape our worldly perspectives. As a community, we aim to learn from one another through attentive listening and meaningful dialogue. How will your lived experiences impact the Ervin Scholars Program?

我们的生活经历塑造了我们的世俗观点。 作为一个社区,我们的目标是通过认真倾听和有意义的对话相互学习。 你的生活经历将如何影响欧文学者计划?

Rodriguez Scholars Program


1.Write a short essay (maximum 250 words) on the following topic:

就以下主题写一篇短文(最多 250 字):

Annika Lynn Rodriguez was born and raised in Puerto Rico prior to attending Washington University. She received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from WashU’s Olin School of Business in 1996, majoring in international business. While a student, she championed awareness for students of all backgrounds, including starting WashU’s first Latin American Awareness Week. She joined the Peace Corps after graduation and was sent to Honduras to support and engage with communities in need. Tragically, she was killed in a flash flood while serving. In remembering her, a friend said, “Annika gave herself wholeheartedly to every person who entered her life.” Reflecting on Annika Rodriguez’ history and legacy, How have you demonstrated your commitment to serving others and championing cultural awareness and understanding? Please provide 1-2 specific examples.

安妮卡·林恩·罗德里格斯 (Annika Lynn Rodriguez) 在就读华盛顿大学之前在波多黎各出生和长大。 她于 1996 年获得华盛顿大学奥林商学院工商管理理学学士学位,主修国际商务。 在学生时代,她倡导提高各种背景的学生的意识,包括启动华盛顿大学的首届拉丁美洲意识周。 毕业后,她加入了和平队,并被派往洪都拉斯支持有需要的社区并与他们接触。 不幸的是,她在服役期间在一场山洪中丧生。 一位朋友在纪念她时说道:“安妮卡全心全意地把自己奉献给了每一个进入她生命的人。” 回顾安妮卡·罗德里格斯的历史和遗产,你如何表现出为他人服务和倡导文化意识和理解的承诺? 请提供1-2个具体例子。

2.Write a short essay (maximum 200 words) to the following question:


Our lived experiences shape our worldly perspectives. As a community, we aim to learn from one another through attentive listening and meaningful dialogue. How will your lived experiences impact the Rodriguez Scholars Program?

我们的生活经历塑造了我们的世俗观点。 作为一个社区,我们的目标是通过认真倾听和有意义的对话相互学习。 你的生活经历将如何影响罗德里格斯学者计划?

#15 莱斯大学

Rice University

For all applicants


1.Please explain why you wish to study in the academic areas you selected above.


2.Based upon your exploration of Rice University, what elements of the Rice experience appeal to you?


3.The Rice Box: In keeping with Rice’s long-standing tradition, please share an image of something that appeals to you.


4.If you would like to upload a resume, you may do so now or at a later time.


#17 康奈尔大学

Cornell University

For all applicants


In the aftermath of the U.S. Civil War, Ezra Cornell wrote, "I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study." For over 150 years, Cornell University has remained deeply committed to Ezra’s vision. Explain how your life experiences will help inform your contributions to a learning community devoted to “...any person…any study.” We encourage you to think broadly about your life experiences, including how local (e.g., family, school, neighborhood) or global communities you’ve been part of have helped shape your perspective.

美国内战结束后,埃兹拉·康奈尔写道:“我想建立一个机构,任何人都可以在任何研究中找到指导。” 150 多年来,康奈尔大学始终坚定致力于以斯拉的愿景。 解释你的生活经历将如何帮助你为致力于“……任何人……任何研究”的学习社区做出贡献。 我们鼓励你广泛思考你的生活经历,包括你所在的当地(例如家庭、学校、社区)或全球社区如何帮助塑造你的观点。

Brooks School of Public Policy 


Why are you drawn to studying public policy? Drawing on your experiences, tell us about why you are interested in your chosen major and how attending the Brooks School will help you achieve your life goals.


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Why are you drawn to studying the major you have selected? Please discuss how your interests and related experiences have influenced your choice. Specifically, how will an education from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) and Cornell University help you achieve your academic goals?




1.At Cornell CALS, we aim to leave the world better than we found it, so we seek out those who are not simply driven to master their discipline, but who are also passionate about doing so to serve the public good.  Please elaborate on an activity or experience you have had that made an impact on a community that is important to you. We encourage you to think about community broadly - this could include family, school, or local and global communities (300-word limit).


2.Cornell CALS is dedicated to purpose-driven study of the agricultural, life, environmental, and social sciences and welcomes students with interests that span a wide variety of disciplines. Given our agricultural history and commitment to educating the next generation of agriculturalists, please share if you have a background or interest in agriculture, regardless of your intended major. An “agricultural entity” for the purpose of this question is defined as cultivating soil, growing crops, and raising livestock (e.g., farm, ranch, greenhouse, vineyard, etc.).

康奈尔大学 CALS 致力于以目的为导向的农业、生命、环境和社会科学研究,欢迎具有跨学科兴趣的学生。 鉴于我们的农业历史和对教育下一代农业学家的承诺,如果你对农业有背景或兴趣,无论你打算选择什么专业,请分享。 本问题中的“农业实体”被定义为耕种土壤、种植农作物和饲养牲畜(例如农场、牧场、温室、葡萄园等)。

College of Architecture, Art, and Planning


How do your interests directly connect with your intended major at the College of Architecture, Art and Planning (AAP)? Why architecture (B.Arch), art (BFA) or urban and regional studies (URS)? B.Arch applicants, please provide an example of how a creative project or passion sparks your motivation to pursue a 5-year professional degree program. BFA applicants may want to consider how they could integrate a range of interests and available resources at Cornell into a coherent art practice. URS students may want to emphasize their enthusiasm and depth of interest in the study of urban and regional issues.

你的兴趣如何与你在建筑、艺术与规划学院 (AAP) 的目标专业直接联系起来? 为什么选择建筑学 (B.Arch)、艺术 (BFA) 或城市和区域研究 (URS)? B.Arch 申请者,请提供一个示例,说明创意项目或激情如何激发你攻读 5 年专业学位课程的动力。 BFA 申请者可能需要考虑如何将康奈尔大学的一系列兴趣和可用资源整合到连贯的艺术实践中。 URS 学生可能想强调他们对城市和区域问题研究的热情和深度兴趣。

College of Arts and Sciences


At the College of Arts and Sciences, curiosity will be your guide. Discuss how your passion for learning is shaping your academic journey, and what areas of study or majors excite you and why. Your response should convey how your interests align with the College, and how you would take advantage of the opportunities and curriculum in Arts and Sciences.

在文理学院,好奇心将引导你。 讨论你对学习的热情如何塑造你的学术旅程,以及哪些学习领域或专业让你兴奋以及原因。 你的回答应传达你的兴趣与学院的契合度,以及你将如何利用文理领域的机会和课程。

Cornell SC Johnson College of Business


What kind of business student are you? Using your personal, academic, or volunteer/work experiences, describe the topics or issues that you care about and why they are important to you. Your response should convey how your interests align with the school to which you are applying within the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business (the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management or the Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration).

你是哪种商科学生? 利用你的个人、学术或志愿者/工作经验,描述你关心的主题或问题以及为什么它们对你很重要。 你的回复应表明你的兴趣与你所申请的康奈尔 SC 约翰逊商学院(查尔斯 H. 戴森应用经济与管理学院或康奈尔彼得和斯蒂芬妮诺兰酒店管理学院)的学校相符。

College of Engineering


How do your interests directly connect with Cornell Engineering? If you have an intended major, what draws you to that department at Cornell Engineering?  If you are unsure what specific engineering field you would like to study, describe how your general interest in engineering most directly connects with Cornell Engineering. It may be helpful to concentrate on one or two things that you are most excited about.


Choose either Question A and Question B. (250 word limit)


Question A: Describe an engineering problem that impacts your local community. This could be your school, neighborhood, town, region, or a group you identify with. Describe one to three things you might do as an engineer to solve the problem.


Question B: Diversity in all forms is intrinsic to excellence in engineering. Engineering the best solutions to complex problems is often achieved by drawing from the diverse ingenuity of people from different backgrounds, lived experiences, and identities. How do you see yourself contributing to the diversity and/or the inclusion of the Cornell Engineering community? What is the unique voice you would bring to the Cornell Engineering community?


College of Human Ecology


How has your decision to apply to the College of Human Ecology been influenced by your related experiences? How will your choice of major impact your goals and plans for the future?


School of Industrial and Labor Relations


Using your personal, academic, or volunteer/work experiences, describe the topics or issues that you care about and why they are important to you. Your response should show us that your interests align with the ILR School.


#18 哥伦比亚大学

Columbia University

List questions


Separate by commas or semicolons, without the need for sorting, italicizing/bolding, or writing the author's name, subtitles, and other auxiliary explanations. Answer the following four questions, within 150 words


For the four short answer questions, please respond in 150 words or fewer.


1.List a selection of texts, resources and outlets that have contributed to your intellectual development outside of academic courses, including but not limited to books, journals, websites, podcasts, essays, plays, presentations, videos, museums and other content that you enjoy. (100 words or fewer)

列出在学术课程之外对你的智力发展做出贡献的精选文本、资源和渠道,包括但不限于书籍、期刊、网站、播客、论文、戏剧、演示文稿、视频、博物馆和你喜欢的其他内容。 (100 字或更少)

2.A hallmark of the Columbia experience is being able to learn and thrive in an equitable and inclusive community with a wide range of perspectives. Tell us about an aspect of your own perspective, viewpoint or lived experience that is important to you, and describe how it has shaped the way you would learn from and contribute to Columbia’s diverse and collaborative community. (150 words or fewer)

哥伦比亚大学经历的一个标志是能够在一个公平、包容、具有广泛观点的社区中学习和成长。 告诉我们你自己的观点、观点或生活经历中对你来说很重要的一个方面,并描述它如何塑造了你向哥伦比亚大学多元化和协作社区学习和做出贡献的方式。 (150 字或更少)

3.In college/university, students are often challenged in ways that they could not predict or anticipate. It is important to us, therefore, to understand an applicant's ability to navigate through adversity. Please describe a barrier or obstacle you have faced and discuss the personal qualities, skills or insights you have developed as a result. (150 words or fewer)

在学院/大学中,学生经常面临他们无法预测或预见的挑战。 因此,了解申请人度过逆境的能力对我们来说很重要。 请描述你遇到的障碍或困难,并讨论你由此获得的个人品质、技能或见解。 (150 字或更少)

4.Why are you interested in attending Columbia University? We encourage you to consider the aspect(s) that you find unique and compelling about Columbia. (150 words or fewer)

你为什么有兴趣就读哥伦比亚大学? 我们鼓励你考虑你认为哥伦比亚大学独特且引人注目的方面。 (150 字或更少)

Research Supplement (Optional)


Have you completed research with a faculty member or mentor in an academic discipline such as science, engineering or other academic interests (e.g., humanities, social sciences or languages)?N/Y


Research Abstract


Please note that research abstracts are typically one page in length and encompass a brief synopsis of your work.


For applicants to Columbia College


What attracts you to your preferred areas of study at Columbia College? (150 words or fewer)

哥伦比亚学院最喜欢的学习领域是什么吸引你的? (150 字或更少)

For applicants to Columbia Engineering:


What attracts you to your preferred areas of study at Columbia Engineering? (150 words or fewer)

是什么吸引你选择哥伦比亚工程学院你喜欢的学习领域? (150 字或更少)

#18 圣母大学

University of Notre Dame

For all applicants


The University of Notre Dame Writing Section consists of responses to two (2) brief essay questions and three (3) short-answer responses to questions you select from the options provided.

Please choose two questions from the options below. Your brief essay response to each question should be no more than 150 words.


请从下面的选项中选择两个问题。 你对每个问题的简短回答不应超过 150 个字。

1.Notre Dame fosters an undergraduate experience dedicated to the intellectual, moral, and spiritual development of each individual, characterized by a collective sense of care for every person.  How do you foster service to others in your community?

圣母大学培养致力于每个人的智力、道德和精神发展的本科生体验,其特点是对每个人的集体关怀感。 你如何促进为社区中的其他人提供服务?

2.What is distinctive about your personal experiences and development (eg, family support, culture, disability, personal background, community, etc)?  Why are these experiences important to you and how will you enrich the Notre Dame community?

你的个人经历和发展有何独特之处(例如,家庭支持、文化、残疾、个人背景、社区等)? 为什么这些经历对你很重要?你将如何丰富圣母大学社区?

3.Describe a time when you advocated for something you believed in and influenced others through thoughtful discourse to promote a deeper understanding of a difficult situation.


Please choose three questions from the options below. Your response to each short-answer question should be no more than 50 words. 请从以下选项中选择三个问题。 你对每个简答题的回答不应超过 50 个字。

1.Everyone has different priorities when considering their higher education options and building their college or university list. Tell us about your “non-negotiable” factor(s) when searching for your future college home.

每个人在考虑高等教育选择和建立学院或大学名单时都有不同的优先事项。 请告诉我们你在寻找未来的大学住所时“不可协商”的因素。

2.What brings you joy?


3.What is worth fighting for?


4.What is something that genuinely interests you, and how does this tie to the academic area you hope to study at Notre Dame?


5.How does faith influence the decisions you make?


#22 埃默里大学

Emory University

Academic Interests  


What academic areas are you interested in exploring at Emory University and why?


In addition, answer one of the following questions. Your response should be no more than 150 words.


1.Reflect on a personal experience where you intentionally expanded your cultural awareness.


2.Which book, character, song, monologue, or piece of work (fiction or non-fiction) seems made for you? Why?


3.Emory University’s core mission calls for service to humanity.Share how you might personally contribute to this mission.


4.Emory University aspires for all students to flourish on campus. Reflect on what flourishing at Emory means to you.

埃默里大学渴望所有学生在校园里蓬勃发展。 思考在埃默里大学的蓬勃发展对你意味着什么。

5.Emory University has a strong commitment to building community.Tell us about a community you have been part of where your participation helped to change or shape the community for the better.


6.Reflection is a central tenet of Emory University’s values.Craft a personal email giving advice to yourself in your first year of high school.


#22 乔治城大学

Georgetown University

*通过Georgetown Application申请

For All Applicants


Prompt 1:

Please elaborate on any special talents or skills you would like

to highlight. (250 words)

请详细说明你想要的任何特殊才能或你想突出的技能。 (250字)

Prompt 2:

Briefly (approximately one-half page, single-spaced) discuss the significance to you of the school or summer activity in which you have been most involved.


Prompt 3:

As Georgetown is a diverse community, the Admissions Committee would like to know more about you in your own words. Please submit a brief essay, either personal or creative, which you feel best describes you.


Applicants to Georgetown College


What does it mean to you to be educated? How might Georgetown College help you achieve this aim? (Applicants to the Sciences and Mathematics or the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics should address their chosen course of study).


Applicants to the School of Nursing and Health Studies


Describe the factors that have influenced your interest in studying health care.  Please specifically address your intended major (Health Care Management & Policy, Human Science, Global Health, or Nursing).


Applicants to the Walsh School of Foreign Service


The Walsh School of Foreign Service was founded more than a century ago to prepare generations of leaders to solve global problems.  What is motivating you to dedicate your undergraduate studies to a future in service to the world?


Applicants to the McDonough School of Business


The McDonough School of Business is a national and global leader in providing graduates with essential ethical, analytical, financial and global perspectives. Please discuss your motivations for studying business at Georgetown.


#22 卡内基梅隆大学

Carnegie Mellon University

1.Most students choose their intended major or area of study based on a passion or inspiration that’s developed over time – what passion or inspiration led you to choose this area of study? (300 word maximum)


2.Many students pursue college for a specific degree, career opportunity or personal goal. Whichever it may be, learning will be critical to achieve your ultimate goal. As you think ahead to the process of learning during your college years, how will you define a successful college experience? (300 word maximum)


3.Consider your application as a whole. What do you personally want to emphasize about your application for the admission committee’s consideration? Highlight something that’s important to you or something you haven’t had a chance to share. Tell us, don’t show us (no websites please). (300 word maximum)


#25 密歇根大学

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

For All Applicants


Essay #1 (Required for all applicants.)


Everyone belongs to many different communities and/or groups defined by (among other things) shared geography, religion, ethnicity, income, cuisine, interest, race, ideology, or intellectual heritage. Choose one of the communities to which you belong, and describe that community and your place within it. (300 words maximum)


Essay #2 (Required for all applicants.)


Describe the unique qualities that attract you to the specific undergraduate College or School (including preferred admission and dual degree programs) to which you are applying at the University of Michigan. How would that curriculum support your interests? (550 words maximum)


#25 弗吉尼亚大学

 University of Virginia

For All Applicants 


In around 250 words, please answer the following question.


What about your individual background, perspective, or experience will serve as a source of strength for you or those around you at UVA?  Feel free to write about any past experience or part of your background that has shaped your perspective and will be a source of strength, including but not limited to those related to your community, upbringing, educational environment, race, gender, or other aspects of your background that are important to you.

你的个人背景、观点或经验将如何成为你或你周围 UVA 周围人的力量源泉? 请写下任何过去的经历或部分背景,这些经历或背景塑造了你的观点并将成为力量的源泉,包括但不限于与你的社区、成长经历、教育环境、种族、性别或其他方面相关的经历或背景。 你的背景对你很重要。

College of Arts and Sciences


If you could create a college course that all UVA students would take, what would it be about and why?

如果你可以创建一门大学课程所有 UVA 学生都会参加,内容是什么以及为什么?

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences


How will you use an engineering degree to change the world for the better?


School of Architecture


Describe significant experience that deepened your interest in studying in the School of Architecture.


School of Nursing


Describe a health care-related experience or another significant interaction that deepened your interest in studying nursing.


Kinesiology Program


Describe an experience that has deepened your interest in studying kinesiology.


#25 南加州大学

University of Southern California

For All Applicants


1.Describe how you plan to pursue your academic interests and why you want to explore them at USC specifically. Please feel free to address your first- and second-choice major selections. (Approximately 250 words)


2.Starting with the beginning of high school/secondary school, if you have had a gap where you were not enrolled in school during a fall or spring term, please address this gap in your educational history. You do not need to address a summer break. (250 words)


USC Short Answers  (25 characters each)


1.Describe yourself in three words.


2.What is your favorite snack?


3.Best movie of all time


4.Dream job


5.If your life had a theme song, what would it be?


6.Dream trip


7.What TV show will you binge watch next?


8.Which well-known person or fictional character would be your ideal roommate?


9.Favorite Book


10.If you could teach a class on any topic, what would it be?


#25 纽约大学

New York University

For All Applicants (Optional)


Choose one quote from the following and let us know why it inspires you; or share a short quote and person not on our list who inspires you, and include why.

从以下内容中选择一句名言,让我们知道为什么它会激励你; 或者分享一个简短的引言以及不在我们名单上的激励你的人,并说明原因。

1.“We’re used to people telling us there are no solutions, and then creating our own. So we did what we do best. We reached out to each other, and to our allies, and we mobilized across communities to make change, to benefit and include everyone in society.” Judith Heuman, 2022 NYU Commencement Address

“我们习惯于人们告诉我们没有解决方案,然后我们自己创造解决方案。 所以我们做了我们最擅长的事情。 我们相互接触,也与我们的盟友接触,我们动员各个社区做出改变,造福并包容社会中的每个人。” Judith Heuman,2022 年纽约大学毕业典礼致辞

2.“I encourage your discomfort, that you must contribute, that you must make your voice heard. That is the essence of good citizenship." Sherilynn Ifill, 2015 NYU Commencement Address

“我鼓励你感到不安,你必须做出贡献,你必须让别人听到你的声音。 这就是良好公民的本质。” Sherilynn Ifill,2015 年纽约大学毕业典礼致辞

3.“If you know how to fly but you never knew how to walk, wouldn’t that be sad?” Lang Lang, 2015 NYU Honorary Degree Recipient

“如果你知道怎么飞,但你从来不知道怎么走,那不是很悲伤吗?” 郎朗,2015 年纽约大学荣誉学位获得者

4."You have the right to want things and to want things to change." Sanna Marin, Former Prime Minister of Finland, 2023 NYU Commencement Address

“你有权想要一些东西并希望事情改变。” 芬兰前总理桑娜·马林 (Sanna Marin) 2023 年纽约大学毕业典礼致辞

5."It's hard to fight when the fight ain't fair.” Taylor Swift, Change, Released 2008, 2022 NYU Commencement Speaker

“当战斗不公平时,就很难战斗。” 泰勒·斯威夫特 (Taylor Swift),《Change》,2008 年发布,2022 年纽约大学毕业典礼演讲嘉宾

Share a short quote and person not on this list, and why the quote inspires you.


#29 维克森林大学

Wake Forest University

We welcome the opportunity to get to know you beyond the numbers. You are invited to answer any, all, or none of the following optional short-response questions.


1.List five books you've read that intrigued you. Title/ Author/ Required reading Yes or No。


2.Tell us what piques your intellectual curiosity or has helped you understand the world's complexity. This can include a work you've read, a project you've completed for a class, and even co-curricular activities in which you have been involved.

告诉我们是什么激发了你的求知欲或帮助你了解世界的复杂性。 这可以包括你读过的作品、你为课程完成的项目,甚至你参与的课外活动。

3.Dr. Maya Angelou, renowned author, poet, civil-rights activist, and former Wake Forest University Reynolds Professor of American Studies, inspired others to celebrate their identities and to honor each person’s dignity. Choose one of Dr. Angelou’s powerful quotes. How does this quote relate to your lived experience or reflect how you plan to contribute to the Wake Forest community?

著名作家、诗人、民权活动家、前维克森林大学雷诺兹美国研究教授玛雅·安杰卢 (Maya Angelou) 博士激励其他人庆祝自己的身份并尊重每个人的尊严。 选择安杰卢博士的一句有力的名言。 这句话与你的生活经历有何关系或反映了你计划如何为维克森林社区做出贡献?

4.Give us your Top Ten list. (The choice of theme is yours.)


#29 北卡罗莱纳大学教堂山

UNC Chapel Hill

Short Answer Questions


We’d like to know how you’d contribute to the Carolina community and ask that you respond to each prompt below in up to 250 words.  Your essay responses below should be different from your common app essay response.

我们想知道你将如何为卡罗来纳州社区做出贡献,并要求你用最多 250 个字回答下面的每个题目。 你下面的回答应该与Common App主文书不同。

Prompt #1:

Discuss one of your personal qualities and share a story, anecdote, or memory of how it helped you make a positive impact on a community. This could be your current community or another community you have engaged.

讨论你的个人品质之一,并分享一个故事、轶事或记忆,说明它如何帮助你对社区产生积极影响。 这可能是你当前的社区或你参与的另一个社区。

Prompt #2:

Discuss an academic topic that you’re excited to explore and learn more about in college. Why does this topic interest you? Topics could be a specific course of study, research interests, or any other area related to your academic experience in college.

讨论一个你在大学里很想探索和了解更多的学术话题。 为什么你对这个话题感兴趣? 主题可以是特定的学习课程、研究兴趣或与你在大学的学术经历相关的任何其他领域。

Global Opportunities(Global Gap Year Fellowship、Joint Degree Program with National University of Singapore、Russian Language Flagship Program、Summer Study Abroad Fellowship)


Why do you want to participate in the global opportunities you’ve selected, and in what ways are you hoping to grow through the experience(s)?


Honors Carolina


Please submit a short essay (250 words or fewer) that describes your academic interests and the ways you believe Honors Carolina can help you pursue them.


#29 佛罗里达大学University of Florida

For All Applicants 


1.Please provide more details on your most meaningful commitment outside of the classroom while in high school and explain why it was meaningful. This could be related to an extracurricular activity, work, volunteering, an academic activity, family responsibility, or any other non-classroom activity. (250words, required)


2.Do you have any employment or family obligations that limit your participation in extracurricular activities. so, please describe. (optional, 250 words)


3.Have you participated in or been assisted in your college preparation and search by programs outside of classroom, such as Educational Talent Search, Take Stock in Children, Upward Bound, Boys and Girls Club, etc.?*Please provide the name of the program, details/benefits of your involvement, and how long your experiences continued(optional, 250 words)

你是否参与或协助过课堂外的大学准备和搜寻项目,例如教育人才搜寻、盘点儿童、Upward Bound、男孩女孩俱乐部等?请提供该计划的名称、你参与的详细信息/好处以及你的体验持续了多长时间。(可选,250字)

4.Is there any additional information or extenuating circumstances the Admissions Committee should know when reviewing your application?(optional, 250 words)


For UF Honors Program Applicants


American novelist Henry Miller once said, “My hunger and curiosity drive me forward in all directions at once.” Students in the University of Florida Honors Program are known for pursuing multiple interests and passions.Tell us about a subject or topic that you find intellectually stimulating and are curious to learn more about while in college. Which direction(s) do you imagine your hunger for that subject or topic will take you while at UF? How do you envision the honors program’s academic and extracurricular resources will support you along the way?

Please use a maximum of 400 words in your essay for full consideration.

美国小说家亨利·米勒曾说过:“我的饥饿和好奇心同时驱使我向各个方向前进。” 佛罗里达大学荣誉项目的学生以追求多种兴趣和热情而闻名。告诉我们一个你在大学期间发现能激发智力并且有兴趣了解更多的主题或主题。 你认为在佛罗里达大学就读期间,你对该主题或主题的渴望会将你带往哪个方向? 你认为荣誉课程的学术和课外资源将如何为你提供支持?请在你的文章中使用最多 400 个单词,以便充分考虑。

For Applicants Who Have Family Obligations


Do you have any employment or family obligations that limit your participation in extracurricular activities? If so, please describe.


For Applicants Who Are Assisted in Special Program


1.Have you participated in or been assisted in your college preparation and search by programs outside of classroom, such as Educational Talent Search, Take Stock in Children, Upward Bound, Boys and Girls Club, etc.? Please provide the name of the program, details/benefits of your involvement, and how long your experiences continued

你是否参与或协助过你的大学准备和课堂外项目的搜寻,例如教育人才搜寻、盘点儿童、向上发展、男孩女孩俱乐部等? 请提供该计划的名称、你参与的详细信息/好处以及你的体验持续了多长时间

2.Please provide more details on your most meaningful commitment outside of the classroom while in high school and explain why it was meaningful. This could be related to an extracurricular activity, work, volunteering, an academic activity, family responsibility, or any other non-classroom activity.

请提供更多关于你在高中期间课堂外最有意义的承诺的详细信息,并解释为什么它有意义。 这可能与课外活动、工作、志愿服务、学术活动、家庭责任或任何其他非课堂活动有关。







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