芝加哥大学Why UChicago文书范文分享(三)

在上一篇芝大小文书(Why Chicago)里,我们讲了加州白人女孩India的小文。老师说了,那是一篇OK文,虽然对学校的了解够量,但流于浅表,也读得出来Ctrl-C/V的模版感。

接下来这一篇,老师以加州白人男孩Ricky的成功文书"Why UChicago"文书为例,给大家讲习一下翻盘小文书的质量。Ricky就是凭借这篇文书,把他的芝大申请彻底翻盘的。



Ricky Waite Class 2026 Major Econ Santa Rosa CA

RD-A: UChicago, UMich, UCLA, UC Berkeley

Demo: small size Catholic High,1Gen

Stats: GPA3.9/4.34, Test Optional 9AP: 0x5s, 2x4s, 3x3s, 2x2s, 2x1s

ECs: Awards school level, Slime Business, Service Research, ASB, Soph & Jr Class Council, Peer Tutoring, HOBY Leadership, Harvard Pre-coll, Etsy Shop

CA Essay: 5year Slime entrepreneurship

At UChicago: 2022 Social Media Ambassador for Amazon 2022 Marketing Ambassador for TikTok 2023 Marketing Intern for Edstrument 作者是北加州白人男孩 Ricky。无交标化申请芝大,属于1GEN。

Spike是6年的真实创业经历,这也是他Common APP文书主题。但这篇不讲他的主文书。下面看看他的Why Chicago

The University of Chicago. The name alone carries quite a heavy load: a hotspot for innovation, the core of university-led research and a producer of world-changers. You can say this school exceeds my desires for an institution’s undergraduate education. As someone who craves entrepreneurship, the opportunities for growth in this area are evident at UChicago. The Booth School of Business exemplifies one of these opportunities for growth. Having access to Booth in my undergraduate education will not only allow me to expand upon my entrepreneurial desires, but will undoubtedly prepare me for my track toward becoming a Boothie following undergrad.

The countless opportunities for intellectual growth for UChicago students are evident through resources such as the Office of Career Advancement, access to Wisr, and the over 160 research centers, among many others. Career advancement holds several professions for UChicago students to immerse themselves into. Among the many pre-professional focuses within the program, I will choose entrepreneurship. This program makes accessibility to well-developed corporations and successful entrepreneurs much easier, offering access to companies such as Grubhub and Venmo. I will have access to Wisr through the Office of Career Advancement. A standout attribute of UChicago is its community of alumni; using Wisr will help me to collaborate with an alumni mentor wo works in my area of interest, furthermore connecting me with the community. Also offered through Career Advancement is the ability to work with startup companies during the academic year. These startups will provide the opportunity to intern within an environment enthralled by entrepreneurship, and build relationships with new up-and-coming companies. My career plan is college has always been to form a startup with other students that share similar interests as me, so having access to a resource like this will help me fulfill that plan.

Continued research I have started in high school will be possible due to UChicago’s abundance of research opportunities. The research I have begun entails analyzing the sensory benefits slime brings to elementary students with autism. UChicago will allow me to amplify this research, delivering my slime into the hands of more students across the nation. The human Performance Lab within the Center for Early Childhood Research is where I believe my findings can be applied, specifically, working with Ms. Sian Beilock would be sublime. Ms. Beilock’s research of stress’ relevance in regards to performance in a classroom setting presents itself as a great opportunity for me to implement slime. Playing with slime releases endorphins, which in turn, makes for great anxiety and stress relief. By introducing smile into the classrooms that she studies, I can potentially offer another variable for stress relief in younger students.

The student I long to become at my college graduation is a student who took the time to challenge himself with the curriculum offered at his institution, was proactive in establishing connections among people in his career interest, and filled the gaps of his curiosities. By attending the University of Chicago, I know I will exemplify that student come 2026.



1) Booth/课业

2) Wisr/职业

3) ChildEd/研究



这篇501字的Why Chicago,从字数上看,远远超出一般Why School文书的限度(200-400)。对无事不Quant的芝大来说,字数也是一种热情。而这501字,有恰到好处地把Ricky的创业Spike和芝大的Entrepreneurship资源的结合在一块,让一个本来不具硬实力的申请彻底翻盘了。

来自non-feeder、无标化、无大奖、低AP分,Stats里只有GPA的Ricky,只有一个突出之处,就是五年的Slime创业经历。这个经历,已经被Ricky作为主题,写成了Common App Essay。那就不妨在小文书里,也充分的体现一下,让AO的感觉就更真实了。




第二个Career指导中心,提到这里的entrepreneurship指导方向,还有Wisr,Grubhub,Venmo,以及Startup等大量细节,说明作者已经对Career Center有非常好的了解。


全篇用到7处芝大的具体信息,显示出作者的功课做足了。尽管他在Density上的比较优势较低,但他使用了一些更加细致入微的细节,比如Boothie和Wisr,属于Admission Information Session里没有的内容。其实在上一篇里,用Kuvia而不是Kuviasungnerk的话,也具有这样的细致感受。



比较了两篇Why Chicago,对于什么是真热情,你可能觉得懂了。但下一篇,来自伊州的女孩Emily,会让你更更更懂的。拭目以待吧!






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