Mobile phones and the Internet could have many benefits for old people. However, this age group uses technology the least. What are the benefits for old people of using mobile phones and the Internet? How can we encourage them to use this new technology?





这是一道报告类大作文,聊的是老年人使用手机和互联网的问题。报告类的题目结构比较简单,两个主体段分别回应两个问题,主体段一分析好处,主体段二讨论如何鼓励使用。审题时注意两点,一是明确讨论对象“old people”、“Mobile phones and the Internet”,需要考虑老年人的特性,以及手机和互联网的结合。二是题目明确问的是手机和互联网给老人的好处,这里不需要谈论弊端,否则画蛇添足。下面,来一起看下具体的观点和论据。












The proliferation of the internet and mobile phones has rendered them essential in the contemporary era. Despite this, the elderly populace is often excluded from such technological advancements. I think inadequate comprehension and utilization of technology can impede the daily routine of the elderly, thereby hindering their quality of life. Accordingly, this essay aims to explain the potential advantages of high technologies for the elderly and to proffer recommendations for encouraging their adoption of said tools.

As the Internet has become ubiquitous, it has enabled individuals to communicate with each other through electronic devices at any time and from any location. The availability of online chat and video conferencing has proven to be particularly beneficial for elderly individuals who may otherwise experience loneliness, especially those living alone. Even if seniors possess only basic technology skills, they may still learn to use social media platforms like Facebook to view their children's posts and photos, thereby allowing them to feel more involved in their loved ones' lives. Moreover, mobile applications offer a variety of services, such as digital payments, medical appointment scheduling, home delivery ordering, and health data tracking, which can significantly improve the convenience of daily life. Younger individuals can take advantage of these functions to monitor and better care for the health of elderly relatives.

Despite the various benefits offered by modern technologies, the majority of older adults face difficulties in adopting them. A key factor leading to this hesitation is their concern over internet security. Older individuals may express apprehension regarding the protection of their privacy and property. It is thus crucial to assuage these concerns and convince them that utilizing such technologies can be done safely. In this regard, younger individuals can assist older adults by aiding them in setting and recording passwords, checking privacy settings, and selecting elderly-friendly modes if available. Another effective strategy for encouraging older adults is to provide clear and concise step-by-step instructions. Given that embracing these technologies may pose a challenge to the elderly, providing slow, simple, and direct instructions can facilitate their learning process. Additionally, it may be beneficial to document the procedures, enabling elderly individuals with memory impairments to refer to the instructions as needed.

In conclusion, the internet and smartphones have the potential to enhance the quality of life for elderly individuals in a multitude of ways. As we guide them towards embracing modern technology, it is imperative that we exhibit patience and instill in them a sense of confidence.


Proliferation of the internet and mobile phones 互联网和手机的普及

Essential in the contemporary era 在当代时代是必不可少的

Elderly populace 老年人群体

Inadequate comprehension and utilization 理解和使用不足

Hindering their quality of life 妨碍他们的生活质量

Potential advantages of high technologies 高科技的潜在优势

Proffer recommendations 提出建议

Encouraging their adoption 鼓励他们接受

Ubiquitous 无处不在的

Experience loneliness 感到孤独

Feel more involved in their loved ones' lives 感觉更多地参与到亲人的生活中

Monitor and better care for the health 监测和更好地照顾健康

Difficulties in adopting 采用上的困难

Express apprehension regarding 对...表示担忧

Assuage these concerns 缓解这些担忧

Utilizing such technologies safely 安全地使用这些技术

Checking privacy settings 检查隐私设置

Elderly-friendly modes 适合老年人的模式

Clear and concise step-by-step instructions 清晰简明的逐步指示

Enhance the quality of life 提高生活质量

Exhibit patience 表现出耐心

Instill a sense of confidence 灌输信心





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