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我们以2022 Junior WSD首场比赛已备辩题④为例给大家带来正反方的 Sample Argument 为备赛助力!本次Sample Argument围绕首场“增收富人税”话题展开:站在肯定角度,增收富人税可以更好地帮助贫困儿童/残疾人等弱势群体,促进社会公平;否定立场认为,富人的收益来自合法的市场行为,得到法律保护,增收富人税是对他们财产权的侵犯,本质上是一种压迫。关于这个问题,你是怎么看的呢?


针对辩题正反方各有一个Sample Argument,格式和内容仅作参考,同学们在备赛过程中可以进行自由创作。接下来让我们一起来看看具体内容~

Sample Proposition Argument

Framing: Lottery of Birth

1. People don't choose the family into which they are born.

2. Some parents are much richer than others and this is not the child's fault.

3. The parents' wealth determines the child's education, healthcare, and employment opportunities.

Argument: More Equal Society

Claim: It is not fair that some kids have more opportunities than others!

Solution: Social Mobility

1. The government can use tax money to help poor people advance in society.

2. The government can finance scholarships for poor children to go to good schools and universities.

3. The government can offer services such as free healthcare and food stamps to people who cannot afford these necessities.

4. The government can subsidize businesses that give employment quotas to disadvantaged people such as the disabled.

Sample Opposition Argument


1. Wealth gap can be tackled through more efficient welfare policies so that tax revenue is not wasted or corrupted. The Affirmative side must prove that all these efforts have been tried but failed.

2. Or else, it's just the government shifting its burden and finding an "easy way out", which creates more corruption and bureaucracy problems.

Argument: Respect the principle of property right

The need to help the disadvantaged does not justify the action to punish other innocent and hard-working individuals.

1. These wealthy people became wealth because they create great value for the society and the country, including new drugs, IT system, AI tech, delivery services and others.

2. Their gain is the legit exchange of value because we already have business law and antitrust law to regulate their market behaviors.

3. Violating property right is the state abusing its power towards individuals, which is essentially oppression.

4. The essence of taxation is forced labor, the more excessive it gets, the closer it is to slavery.

以上就是Junior WSD比赛的Sample Arguments,仅供参考~期待同学们在赛场上有更精彩的发言!




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