雅思口语part two怎么说!

今年的雅思新题中有这样的一个part two的题目:

“Describe a piece of technology you own that you feel is difficult to use

You should say

When you got it

What you got it for

How often you use it

And explain how you feel about it”



因为题目当中的这个 “difficult”并没有一个很明确的定义,不一定非得是非常高科技的产品才能算是一个很难用的科技产品如果我们觉得手机有些功能很难用的话,也是可以算作这个题目的素材,比如我们可以这样讲:

“I would say the piece of equipment that is really difficult to use is my smartphone, it is undeniable that smart phones do possess the functions that can convenient our life to a great extent. For instance, it made wallets redundant, since the function of mobile payment can handle every transaction made in daily life, my own phone also brought benefits into my life, but sometimes it can also get on my nerves and even agitate me.

I got my current cell phone about three years ago, since my parents and I both agreed on the fact that a smart phone is becoming an essential in our daily life, therefore they just purchased the latest model of iPhone for me, which was, I would say, state-of-the-art at that time. But after being used for such a long time, it began to show some wear-and-tear, some scratches started to appear on the phones, and the phone became slow to respond to my requests, it just added to the level of inconvenience in using it, but the thing that really irritated me was the assorted apps. Right now, we need to download so many apps in our life, like apps of our banks, and the apps of our social media, each of which required us to have an account.This just made my life so much harder, since I really had a hard time memorizing so many account details, and how to operate each app seemed really puzzling to me, the multitudinous apps just placed so many unfortunate limits on our life.

I would say it can be irritating that some many apps are rather complicated, but I guess I have to deal with this reality since the modern life will only see an increasing level of complexity.






Redundant adj. 多余的

Get on my nerves让我恼火

Agitate v. 让我愤怒

State-of-the-artadj. 最先进的

Assorted adj. 各式各样的

Multitudinous adj. 各式各样的,众多的