1、Why do some habitats support higher biodiversity than others?(为什么有些栖息地比其他栖息地支持更高的生物多样性?)

2、Why do many animals have stripes?(为什么很多动物都有条纹?)

3、Here's a cactus. Tell me about it.(这是仙人掌。告诉我关于它的内容)

4、If you could save either the rainforests or the coral reefs, which would you choose?(如果你能拯救热带雨林或珊瑚礁,你会选择哪一个?)

5、Is it easier for organisms to live in the sea or on land?(生物是生活在海洋中还是生活在陆地上更容易?)

6、Why do lions have manes?(为什么狮子会有鬃毛?)

7、Ladybirds are red. So are strawberries. Why?(瓢虫是红色的。草莓也是如此。为什么)

8、Would it matter if tigers became extinct?(如果老虎灭绝了,会有关系吗?)





How many different molecules can be made from six carbon atoms and twelve hydrogen atoms?(6个碳原子和12个氢原子能产生多少个不同的分子?)


计算机科学 How do pirates divide their treasure?(海盗们该如何分配他们的宝藏呢?)



1、Imagine a ladder leaning against a vertical wall with its feet on the ground. The middle rung of the ladder has been painted a different colour on the side, so that we can see it when we look at the ladder from the side on. What shape does that middle rung trace out as the ladder falls to the floor?(想象一下,一个梯子靠在一堵垂直的墙上,梯脚放在地上。梯子的中间梯级在侧面被涂上了不同的颜色,这样当我们从侧面看梯子时就能看到它。当梯子掉到地板上时,中间的梯级是什么形状的?)

2、How many ways are there to cover a 2 x n rectangular grid with 2 x 1 tiles?(用2×1的瓷砖覆盖一个2×n的矩形网格,有几种方法?)



1、'I agree that air transport contributes to harmful climate change. But whether or not I make a given plane journey, the plane will fly anyway. So there is no moral reason for me not to travel by plane.' Is this a convincing argument?(“我同意航空运输导致了有害的气候变化。但不管我是否进行特定的飞机旅行,飞机都会飞行。所以不能道德绑架我不坐飞机旅行。”这是一个令人信服的论据吗?)

2、Suppose that you could plug yourself into a machine for the rest of your life, which would give you all the experiences you find enjoyable and valuable. Once in the machine, you would not know that you are plugged in, and that these experiences are not real. Would you go into the machine? If so, why? If not, why not?(假设你可以在自己的余生中插入一个机器,这将给你所有你觉得愉快和有价值的体验。一旦进入机器,你就不会知道自己插上了电源,这些体验是不真实的。你愿意进入机器里吗?如果是,为什么?如果不,为什么?)

3、Are our deaths bad for us?(我们的死亡对我们有害吗?)

4、Why is income per head between 50 and 100 times larger in the United States than in countries such as Burundi and Malawi?(为什么美国的人均收入是布隆迪和马拉维等国家的50到100倍?)

5、When I was at school in the 1970s, there was talk of a pensions crisis that would one day hit. The talk persisted in the 1980s, and the 1990s – and then there was a pensions crisis, and little had been done politically to prepare us for it. Is there a fault with the British political system that means we can't sensibly address serious medium and long-term problems when they are identified?(20世纪70年代我在上学的时候,有人说有一天会发生养老金危机。这次谈话在20世纪80年代和90年代持续存在—然后出现了养老金危机,在政治上几乎没有为我们做好准备。英国的政治体系是否存在缺陷,导致我们无法在发现严重的中长期问题时明智地解决这些问题?)

6、I'm having trouble with the meaning of three words: Lie, Deceive, Mislead. They seem to mean something a bit similar, but not exactly the same. Help me to sort them out from each other.(我对这三个词的意思有问题:谎言,欺骗,误导。它们的意思似乎有点相似,但并不完全相同。帮我把它们彼此分类出来。)




与牛津大学不同,剑桥大学非常简单粗暴地直接甩出了超70个“General Interview Questions”:

1.Are there any questions that you would have liked us to have asked you?

2.Describe the sound of silence.

3.Do you have political views?

4.Do you think that you are smart?

5.Do you think that you can cope with the heavy workload here? What gives you this confidence?

6.How should we measure your success at the end of your time here?

7.How will your experiences from your sport benefit your future studies?

8.How would you describe this painting on the wall to your friend over the phone?

9.If you could change one thing on the planet now what would you change?

10.If you could have dinner with anybody from history, who would it be and why?

11.If you could have one superpower which one would it be and why?

12.If you had to choose to be a character from a book, who would you want to be?

13.In which circumstances would you toss a coin to make a decision?

14.Of which life achievement are you most proud?

15.Should you be allowed to use your smartphone during this interview?

16.Studying here is very intense, how will you manage your time to deal with all of the work?

17.Tell me about a recent magazine article that has interested you.

18.Tell me about a recent news article not related to your subject that has interested you.

19.Tell me about your life and how it is that you have come to sit in this chair?

20.What are you looking forward to the least at this college/university?

21.What are your long term plans for life?

22.What are your top three skills?

23.What did you read this morning? Yesterday evening?

24.What do you expect to get out of this degree?

25.What do you know about the course structure?

26.What do you think that you could personally contribute to college life?

27.What have you done in the past that makes you think that you are well equipped to deal with the stresses of university life here?

28.What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your life and how did you dealt with it?

29.What is your biggest strength?30.What is your biggest weakness?

31.What is your favourite colour?

32.What is your favourite number?

33.What makes you think that this university will be a good fit for you?

34.What makes you want to come to here given that you would almost certainly be the top student at any other university?

35.What was the most recent TV programme you watched?

36.Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? And in 20 years?37.Where would you like to travel to the future in a time machine?

38.Which colour best represents you?

39.Which extracurricular activities do you enjoy?

40.Which international newspapers or magazines do you read?

41.Which living person would you most like to meet and why?

42.Who has had the largest influence on your life?

43.Who is the most influential: Barack Obama, Angela Merkel or Kanye West?

44.Who was your best teacher? How have they influenced you?

45.Why are you sitting in this chair?

46.Why have you chosen to apply to study at this university?

47.Why should anybody bother with university?

48.Why would you like to come to this college?

49.If you had to bury a time capsule, what would you put in it?

50.What is a lie? How do I know what you just said isn’t a lie?

51.Define success in one sentence.

52.Does human behaviour change over time?

53.How does a cheetah move so fast?

54.How many letters does the Royal Mail deliver every day?

55.How many petrol stations are there in England?

56.How many piano tuners are there in England?

57.How many planes are flying over England right now?

58.How many tennis balls could fit into a Boeing 747 plane?

59.How many times in a day do the hands on a clock overlap?

60.How much should you charge to clean all of the windows in your home town?

61.If you were me, would you let yourself in?

62.Imagine that a developing country introduces a new population control policy to address a perceived gender imbalance. If a couple have a girl, they may have another child. If they have a boy, they cannot have any more children. What will be the new ratio of boys and girls?

63.Is there such a thing as beauty?

64.What do you think my favourite food is? Why do you say that?

65.What is more important: art or science?

66.What is the truth?

67.What shape is the sky?

68.Who am I?

69.Why are manhole covers round?

70.Why do things have names?

71.Would you ever go on a one way trip to Mars? Why?

72.You are given 7 identical balls and another ball that looks the same as the others but is heavier than them. You can use a balance only two times. How would you identify which is the heavy ball?

73.You are shrunk down so you’re the size of a matchstick and then put into a blender with metal blades. It is about to be turned on what do you do?

74.Why would you like to study this subject at university level?

75.With which famous person would you most like to be stuck on a desert island?

76.Would you choose a party over an essay?


















剑桥大学的面试也主要集中在12月4日到15日,Christ's College更是11月27日就开始面试了。为了拿到offer就必须通过牛剑的面试,所以最后一关面试,你准备好了吗?