IHBB 赛前宝典——冬季Beta 卷相关真题(2)

在本次赛前宝典中,老师将继续为同学们带来了历年赛题中与Question Beta Set关键词相关的题目,材料来自于官网最新Study Guide及往年题目资料。一起来看看吧!

1. 考点:Alexander the Great 亚历山大大帝

题目:Early in his reign, this king ordered the execution of his cousin, Amyntas IV. On his quest to reach the “ends of the world and the Great Outer Sea,” this man defeated the Indian King Porus at the Battle of the Hydaspes [[hy-DASS-pees]]. This member of the Argead Dynasty ascended to the thron after his sister’s wedding, at which his father was killed. For the point, name this king who created an empire stretching from Greece to northwestern India before his untimely death at age 32.

参考答案:Alexander the Great (or Alexander III of Macedon; accept Alexandros)

2. 考点:Boxer Rebellion 义和团运动 the Great Depression 经济大萧条

题目:This politician and his wife, Lou, nursed injured soldiers in Tianjin [[TYAHN-JIN]] during the Boxer Rebellion. Douglas MacArthur ignored this president's order to halt the tear-gassing and eviction of the Bonus Army (+) camp under the guise that the veterans planned to overthrow the government. Shantytowns during the early Great Depression were named for this president. The Wall Street Crash of 1929 (*) occurred during, for ten points, what Republican's single presidential term?

参考答案:Herbert Hoover (or Herbert Clark Hoover; accept Hoovervilles)

3. 考点:Muammar Gaddafi 卡扎菲 Amazons 亚马逊女战士

题目:Though officially called the Revolutionary Nuns, a "Guard" nicknamed for this legendary culture served under Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. Strabo [[STRAY-boh]] claimed that these people lived along the Thermodon [[THER-moh-don]] River though they had retreated beyond the realm of the Gargareans [[gar-GAR-ee-ans]] with whom these people reproduced children. Legendarily led by Penthesilea [[pen-theh-sih-LAY-uh]] during the Attic War, for ten points, what was this culture of warrior women who may have lived in Scythia [[SIH-thee-ah]]?

参考答案:Amazons (accept Amazonian Guard)

4. 考点:Qing 清朝,Canton System 一口通商 (“广州体系”)

题目:American missionary Daniel Vrooman created a 19th century map of this city which included an accurate depiction of its mercantile ghetto, the Thirteen Factories. Members of a nationalist student organization led by Huang Xing [[ZHING]] were massacred during this city's Yellow Flower Mound Uprising, a part of the larger Xinhai [[ZHIHN-HYE]] Revolution. This city names a "System" instituted by Qing [[CHING]] China which forced all western trade to be concentrated along the Pearl River. Canton is an alternative name for, for ten points, what capital of Guangdong?

参考答案:Guangzhou (accept Canton before mentioned)

5. 考点:Zoroastrianism 琐罗亚斯德教 (祆教)

题目:This religion is still practiced today but primarily in India among a diaspora community known as Parsis. Its liturgies are known as the Avesta and it teaches that evil, embodied by Ahriman, and good, embodied by Ahura Mazda, are in conflict, but that eventually good will prevail. For the point, name this religion of ancient Persia whose founder was the title character in a work by Nietzsche.





IHBB 赛前宝典——冬季Beta 卷相关真题(2)





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