There are images that become indelible thanks to the screens of Locarno. And then there are those that become so thanks above all to your creativity. After the success of its first edition, the competition to design the image of the 75th edition of the Locarno Film Festival is back: find out how to participate and let your imagination roar.


The leopard, its spots and prints. And then the Piazza Grande and a city dressed in yellow and black, from the store windows to the cobbled streets. Whichever way you look at it, the Locarno Film Festival is a great celebration of cinema, both local and international, in which the public has been the protagonist for 75 years. This is why the image of the edition is such a central element of our communication: it is the official invitation to discover all the worlds, characters and emotions conveyed by each new edition.


Since last year we decided to entrust you, our community, with the task of imagining the August event, designing your image of the ideal edition. The surprises were not lacking, starting with the numbers: a thousand works were received, from 85 different countries. With the participation of creative people aged between 6 and 74 years. The winning project was the absolute protagonist of our communication, including merchandising, becoming an emblem impressed in the minds of all those who took part in Locarno74. A selection of the other projects was the focus of an exhibition that attracted the attention of many festival-goers.

参加比赛 Participate in the contest


This year the celebration will be even more important, as the Locarno Film Festival celebrates its 75th anniversary. It will be exciting to retrace this long journey together, and above all to discover how you have lived or interpreted our history, which is also yours. This is why we are proud to launch the second edition of the competition for the official image of the next edition of the Locarno Film Festival.


Take a pencil and paper, or a PC and a graphics tablet, and get creative: the prize is 5000 CHF and the chance to see your creation reproduced on all the materials and merchandising of the event. The competition is open to everyone: graphic designers, illustrators, designers, photographers, artists, but also creatives and enthusiasts from all over the world and without age limits, who interpret the spirit of the Festival for the graphic concept of the next edition. Works must be received by our offices by January 6, 2022. A special jury will be announced in January and in the following days will choose the image that will represent Locarno75.

要求 Requirements





The image of the edition must evoke the leopard identity of the Locarno Film Festival and the nature of the event as a meeting place for different visions and imaginations.The image of the edition must be original. The performer owns the rights to the work and grants rights of use to the Locarno Film Festival which must be exclusive, without limitations on territory, time or media (including specifically, but not limited to, digital use), and which may be licensed to third parties by the Locarno Film Festival at its sole discretion.The Locarno Film Festival has the right to change the content of the graphic concept at its sole discretion should this be necessary for the Festival's intended use.The image of the edition includes the logo of the edition and the logos of the Main Partners in predetermined positions.

评选标准 Selection Criteria


The selection criteria are based on the cohesion of the developed image with the Locarno Film Festival identity, its originality and versatility. The jury – to be announced later – will favor ideas that can be developed in various formats and on digital (website, social media, app) and traditional platforms (merchandising, covers of official publications, brochures).The Locarno Film Festival reserves the right not to use the winner's project for the annual poster campaign should the project not meet the Festival's requirements. The Festival may also request changes and/or adaptations to the chosen poster.


奖项  Prize评审团选定的项目将获得5000瑞士法郎的奖金。该奖项还包括洛迦诺电影节使用图形概念的报酬。根据评选标准,另外10个被认为有价值的项目将获得本次活动的通行证。第75届艺术节(2022年8月3日至13日)将在洛迦诺举办,届时将展出一系列项目。

The project chosen by the jury will win a prize of 5,000 Swiss francs. This prize also covers remuneration for the use of the graphic concept by the Locarno Film Festival. A further 10 projects deemed worthy according to the selection criteria will receive a general pass for the event. A selection of projects will be exhibited during the 75th edition of the Festival (August 3-13, 2022) in Locarno.

详情和提交  Details and submission电话开通时间:2021年10月19日至2022年1月6日


以 pdf 文件格式下载此征集邀请函:https://www.locarnofestival.ch/dam/lff/jcr:8aecd5a4-4e1f-46e0-9ba5-923eae69647a/LFF75_Contest.pdf

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答:获奖项目将在 1 月的前几周公布。洛迦诺电影节团队将联系所有参与者。    [设计比赛]2022第75届洛迦诺国际电影节主视觉大赛(截至2022年1月6日)
大赛官网 参赛详情:https://www.locarnofestival.ch/LFF/home.html[设计比赛]2022第75届洛迦诺国际电影节主视觉大赛(截至2022年1月6日)








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