遇到现象解释类型的逻辑文章,主要的突破点是在other factor它因.


  • Fact GRE考了340分
  • Explanation 因为努力刷题


  • Other factors 1.上了EIS的课程,做题方法提升很大 2.题目比较简单 都可以来削弱因果论证。


(2023年11月真题)In the early 1900s, veneer for furniture was oftenmade from elm burls, roughly hemispherical growthsthat occur on elm trees, and elm burls were imported toNorth America from Europe then. Since elm trees wereplentiful in North America at that time, European elmburls must have been considered superior by the NorthAmerican furniture makers who imported them.

🚩Which of the following is an assumption on which theargument depends?

A.No burls from North American elm trees were used formaking veneer in North America in the early 1900s.

B.North American furniture makers did not pay less forelm burls imported from Europe than for elm burlsharvested in North America.

C.Burls from other types of trees were not considered byAmerican furniture makers to be superior to burlsfrom elm trees.

D.In the early 1900s, North Americans tended to preferEuropean goods even when equivalent goods madein North America were available.

E.No wood from North American elm trees was everexported from North America to Europe during theearly 1900s.

  • Fact: elm burls从欧洲进口到北美
  • Explanation: 进口欧洲elm burls 的北美家具制造商一定认为欧洲elm burls 更优越。
  • Other factors: 北美家具制造商进口elm burls是因为价格便宜或者其它优势,而不是质量好

上述题目问的是文中逻辑论证基于的假设所以我们排除其它原因就可以支持原文逻辑论证了,所以这个题选择B(北美和欧洲的elm burls价钱一样)!同学们学会了吗?


Between 1970 and 1980, energy consumption by United States industry peaked and then declined, so that by 1980 total industrial use of energy was below the 1970 level even though total industrial output had grown substantially in the same period. Industry must have instituted highly effective energy conservation measures in those years to have achieved such impressive results.

🚩Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the conclusion of the argument?

A. Many industries switched to the greatest extent possible from high-priced oil to lower-priced alternatives throughout the 1970's.

B. Total residential energy consumption was higher in the United States in 1980 than it had been in 1970.

C. Many industrial users of energy had paid little attention to energy conservation prior to 1970.

D. Industrial output grew less rapidly from 1970 to 1980 than it had from 1960 to 1970.

E. The industries whose production dropped sharply during the 1970's included a disproportionately large number of energy-intensive industries.

  • Fact: 1980年比1970年,总产出高,总耗能却低
  • Explanation: 各行业采取了一些节能措施









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