Some people think Olympic Games is an exciting event which can bring nations together. Other people think Olympic Games is a way for people to waste money that could be used for other events. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.





这是一道双边类的大作文,讨论的是奥运会有意义还是浪费钱。双边类的题目,需要对每个观点分别表达同意或反对,最终的结论就是我的立场,可以是中立(双方都同意或都反对),也可以是单边支持某一方立场。这道题目其实很紧跟时事,如果大家有关注伦敦、里约和东京奥运会的财政情况都会发现“预算大幅超支”和“收不抵支带来的亏损”这两个问题。审题时注意题目中两个限定观点“bring nations together”和“waste money”,论证时需要围绕这两个点展开。下面月半鸭和大家一起来看下具体观点。










In some viewpoints, the Olympics serve as a platform for bringing different nations together, while in others, the Olympics are nothing more than a waste of money that could be put toward solving more pressing problems. The Olympic Games, from my perspective, are not a waste of money and contribute significantly to the unity of nations around the world, despite a large amount of money being spent on them.

Several communities consider the affairs a waste of funds. A noticeable reason is that contributing to Olympic Games might be a financial burden for some underdeveloped countries. As a participating country, a massive amount of money is required to spend on the food, transportation and accommodation of the sportspersons taking part in the competition. The worst scenario is when an underdeveloped country hosts the event when citizens are in a poor living condition, Hosting Olympics might cost a great deal of the nation's annual income and leave the citizens in poorer conditions, when in fact the money could be spent on improving their lives. In one respect, the Olympic Committee should consider the financial situation of the host country to prevent such a situation; in another respect, the money invested in Olympics Games will lead to certain economic benefits for most countries. To illustrate, during the Games, the government can generate revenue through selling global television broadcasting rights, sponsor investments, ticket selling and Olympic souvenirs; after the Games, the arenas can be used as infrastructure to improve the quality of life of the residents and provide them with convenience in life.

Others, however, view the Olympics as a forum for strengthening bonds and brotherhood among people around the world. Firstly, the Olympic Games provides an opportunity for the participating countries to interact and establish a relationship. As opposed to official global events held in meeting rooms, the Olympic Games provides one of the few informal and free environment for players and leaders from different countries to exchange ideas and views. Additionally, it serves as a platform for cultural exchange. During the competition, athletes have the opportunity to experience the culture and traditions of the host country firsthand, and by sharing these on social media, people around the world can also get a taste of the most authentic culture around.

Overall, despite a large outlay of funds to organize the event, most costs can be recovered in various ways, and the Olympics still serve as a catalyst for global harmony and unity.


Financial burden: 经济负担

Economic benefit: 经济效益

interact and establish a relationship: 互动并建立关系

cultural exchange: 文化交流





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