剑9写作7分范文及解析:Test4 语言消失不重要


Every year several languages die out. Some people think that this is not important because life will be easier if there are fewer languages in the world. To what extent do you agree or disagree.












剑9写作7分范文及解析 | Test4 语言消失不重要


While a pearl of common wisdom has it that fewer languages existing for communication would bring about the convenience in our daily life, I would argue that the disappearance of those linguistic data is not of insignificance.

One of the reasons why those languages should not be dismissed may lie to the fact that some of the minor-speaking languages have recorded the things happened in the past for a particular ethnic group. Those histories and stories vividly have reflected how our ancestors had struggled with their life against all the hardships and fierce surroundings, and how they sincerely adhered to the final humanities via some of the aforementioned languages. Without the ability of interpreting this linguistic data, we may lose forever the experience and guidelines that could be injected from the former generations, therefore making the same mistakes that occurred once in the historical time when exploring a particular geographic place.

Another source of why those languages ought not to vanish may be due to the cultural identity, or should I say the thought diversity, lying behind which people insist on in some specific ethnic groups. Those thoughts, recorded mostly by those minority languages, though weakened gradually result of the invasion of the stronger civilizations, indeed are the perfect reference in which the whole society can strengthen its improvement by fixing the flaws in the meantime. The loss of words of some particular communities would somewhat discourage the possibilities of the further steps of the society itself.

Notwithstanding the huge convenience brought about when the “babel” time could re-emerge via letting down the barrier of misunderstandings derived from the various languages, this action also gestates more calamities than contributions. Livings in the social communities granted involve the pursuit of efficiency and convenience, but other elements and identities —diversity of lives among cultural groups, customs and traditions established in a particular geographic location that are with human wisdom and sophistication, civilizations fostered by people from harnessing the natural surroundings to fit with their lives, etc.—are also valued seriously, or even more seriously than just having a global and highly efficient living mode. Most of those components and characteristics are conveyed by multiple languages, some of which are just the ones talked about in this article, facing the destiny of being extinct alongside the ignorance of the public. A state of mind must be made that simpler and easier livings are based on the foundation of complexity and on eliminating the immaterial subtleties, but not, adversely, on extinguishing the lights that have been and still are guiding us to the final intelligence.

In conclusion, the loss of the linguistic data has its essence to be concerned about severely, and the convenience, though witnessed alongside the process, should not be the reason we abandon those minority languages.


Ethic group  民族

Ancestor  祖先;先辈

Vividly  淋漓尽致;生动地

Struggle with  与…斗争

Hardships and fierce surroundings  艰难险阻

Adhere to  坚持

Aforementioned  如上所述;之前提到的

Interpret  解释 ; 诠释

Vanish  消失 ; 消亡

Culture identity  文化身份

Invasion  武装入侵 ; 侵略

Flaw  缺陷;缺点

Discourage  阻拦 ; 阻止;使灰心

Notwithstanding  尽管如此;虽然

Babel  巴别塔

Gestate  怀孕 ; 妊娠

Calamity  灾难;灾祸

Sophistication  复杂度;教养

Immaterial  非物质的

Subtlety  微妙;精妙

Extinguish  消灭;熄灭

Minority language  少数民族语言







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